Violentine’s Day

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“Violentine’s Day” -Blood on the Dance Floor

“Bewitched” -Blood on the Dance Floor

“Valentine’s Doom” -Snow White’s Poison Bite

“I’m in Love with a Killer” -Jeffree Star


Violentine’s Day

Samm Sanity


“Don’t you ever wear clothes?” The lavender haired girl asked the pink haired boy next to her.

“I am, sister.” He replied with a grin.

The girl rolled her pink eyes and sat up in her chair. She brought her knees to her chest and looked up to her twin, “Short shorts and fishnet stockings don’t count as clothes, brother.”

“Neither does a crop top and a puffy tutu.” He countered, picking at his twin’s pink and black clothing.

“It’s a petticoat, not a tutu. I am still wearing more than you are.” she states, blowing a strand of hair from her face.

Imogen and her twin brother were sitting in the local mall’s food court, watching all the couples walk by. She scanned the court with a bored expression; this was not fun. She didn’t like sitting there for hours and she didn’t like watching the couples. It was Valentine’s Day, and it was even more sickening than usual.

A girl in a big, pink, winter jacket was in a make-out session with some blonde haired boy in a jersey. Another couple, comprised of a girl in red, cat-eye glasses and a boy carrying several comic books, were walking into a bookstore. A girl with an elaborate eyeliner design and neon hair walked hand-in-hand with a boy in skinny jeans and more piercings than imaginable in his ears and face.

“This is tedious, brother.” Imogen stated, becoming bored with it.

“Just wait, sister. You will attract someone soon.” he says into her ear, brushing his bottom lip lightly against her earlobe.

“Not now, Seraphim.” Imogen says, pushing her brother’s face away from her.

He nods and and backs off; when his sister called him by name, she was serious.

Imogen glanced around once more and caught a glance of a boy sitting alone, staring at his phone. She hinted at a grin, studying him. His soft, pale, choppy, blue hair hid his eyes; this made Imogen frown for half a second. She regained her smile upon seeing the scars across his arms, and the way he tried to hide them with his stripped shirt. Her eyes trailed his figure and she grinned, very pleased with him.

“Brother,” Imogen started, “I’ve found one.” she says, turning to him.

Seraphim nods and slowly gets off the chair; Imogen follows his lead. She drapes an arm around her brother’s shoulders and grins as they near the pale haired boy. Imogen always loved this part of their tasks.

The boy looked up and noticed them before they had reached him. His blush was evident, and he ducked his head back down. Imogen softly laughed and sat down next to the boy on the bench when she had reached where he sat. She crossed her fishnet covered legs and rested her elbows on them.

“Hello,” she greeted the boy softly. When the boy didn’t look up, Imogen frowned and glanced to her brother, who simply shrugged, then back to the boy.

“You know it is quite rude to not acknowledge someone who has just greeted you.” Imogen stated, trying to keep her smooth and calm demeanor.

The boy looked up, obviously having difficulties ignoring Imogen’s exposed flesh. Imogen simply smiled sweetly.

“H-hello,” he replies, flustered.

“That is much better,” Imogen says then gestures to her brother, “This is my brother, Seraphim, my name’s Imogen. What is your name?” she asks.

The boy pulls at the ends of his sleeves, “My name is Derek.”

Imogen takes note of Derek trying to hide the scars on his arms before speaking, “It is very nice to make your acquaintance, Derek.”

Derek gives a small smile. He then looks up, sees Seraphim, then quickly turns his head to face Imogen. He leans in close to her.

“How did your brother get in here looking like that?” Derek asks whispering, his face a light tint of red. Imogen glances to her brother, taking in his black too-short shorts and fishnet stockings, the only things he was wearing.

She frowns and sighs, “I haven’t the fondest clue. I quite expected to be forced out of here by now. It seems he’s done some ‘trick’.” she says, quickly shooting a glare at her brother, who simply grins.

“But do not worry about that,” Imogen says, putting a hand on the boy’s knee. “I have something I’d like to ask.”

Derek’s slight facial change showed Imogen that he was quite uncomfortable with her touch, or excited – possibly even both, which satisfied her. She slowly moved her hand upwards an inch, waiting for a reply. The boy shifted in his seat.

“W-well, what do you need?” Derek asked.

“I am simply curious as to why you are sitting here alone.” Imogen gives a convincing sympathetic smile.

Imogen prided herself on mimicking emotions she didn’t feel. She found mortals to be such simple creatures, but their emotions were often complicated to copy and understand. Her brother and her had perfected the art of lying to and deceiving mortals.

“I’d rather not talk about it.”

Imogen sighed in her mind, never letting her exasperation show. She simply patted the boy’s thigh gently and smiled, “It is alright. I am quite lonely on this dreaded day as well.” Imogen mimicked a saddened look perfectly.

Imogen smiles when Derek gently pats her hand, “I can’t imagine a nice girl like yourself being alone on this day.”

I’ve got him, Imogen thinks. She moved closer to Derek, so that their legs touched. “You are sweet,” she says, tracing his hand with her fingers.

“Sister,” Seraphim said with a look telling her to work faster.

“Yes, brother,” she responded with a quick look to him.

She bit her lip, trying to think fast. This mortal wasn’t like the others, he didn’t jump at her exposed flesh and it frustrated her. She would have to play a modest kind of mortal girl; being modest was not an easy task for her.

She sighed internally and looked back to Derek. She gave a sweet smile and took his hand in hers. She needed to act fast, or her and her brother would both be without a play toy. She grinned at the thought of his blood on her.

“Imogen,” Derek snapped her out of her daze, “what’s the big smile for?”

Imogen shook her head not realizing until now that she had been not just grinning on the inside, but the outside as well. She brushed it off and shrugged.

“It’s nothing. I just had a brilliant idea!”

Brilliant idea indeed. She thought.

Imogen loved the slight raise of his eyebrow, and the way he inquired with his eyes. She stood up, her hand still gripping his, and smiled.

“Come. Seeing as we both don’t have plans, why don’t you join me for the rest of the day?” Imogen suggested with a tone that would made it hard for Derek to disagree.

Derek was hesitant to go with her; his common sense told him to stay put, but he stood up anyway.

“Only if your brother puts some clothes on. It’s very unnerving.” Derek stated with a red tint to his face.

Imogen nodded and glanced to her brother, “Please find a top, Seraphim.”

Seraphim hinted at a smile and simply nodded before following behind his sister and Derek. Imogen had many plans dash through her head while walking alongside Derek. Many of them would work for her and her brother, but which one would provide them with a play toy that cooperated?

“Hmm,” Imogen unknowingly muttered aloud.

“What?” Derek asked looking to her.

Imogen shook her head, causing her lavender strands to fall in her face, “Oh, it’s nothing. I was simply thinking.”

Imogen smiled upon seeing Derek was content with her answer. She then pulled Derek towards the food court. It was something she had noted mortal girls doing.



Derek had offered to take Imogen home; a thought Imogen had put into his head. She had done things she had studied mortal girls doing; holding his hand, holding interesting conversations, and getting something to eat. She smiled to herself at how convincing she had been. It had been a long day, and Imogen was ready for the ending; she assumed her brother was too.

When they arrived where Imogen and her brother called home, Imogen invited Derek inside. He accepted without hesitation. Seraphim had wandered off somewhere in the home, while Imogen stayed with Derek. She knew she’d need to use her godly powers of lust on him; the perks of being a god of love.

“I had a lovely time.” Imogen said, resting her hand on his upper arm.

Derek gave her a smile and nodded, “Yeah it was great. Thanks for making this holiday bearable.”

Imogen frowned for half a second, then regained her flirty smile, “You know, it doesn’t have to be over yet.” Imogen looked up at him with a lustful gaze.

Derek began to shake his head, but it seemed Imogen’s power was taking hold. She smiled as he gained the same lustful expression as her. Imogen knew it was working when he leaned down to kiss her. It started gentle and slow, then they both ended up falling to the sofa. Imogen knew this was less than classy, but she wasn’t worried about sleeping with the mortal right at this moment. She had no desire for sex, she just wanted to play with his insides.

They were both stripped down to their underwear, then Imogen distracted him with a kiss as she slowly slid her dagger from her stockings. The dagger bit into her skin as she slid it out, but the pain was welcomed. Then, in a quick movement, she sat atop him with the dagger resting under his chin. Imogen made sure to snap him out of his lustful state; it wouldn’t be fun if all he was thinking about was sex. When Derek came to his senses, and took note of Imogen and the dagger, he panicked.

“What in hell are you doing! Where are your clothes? What the fuck is going on!” he yelled, panic and fear lacing his words.

Imogen smirked, “Go ahead and thrash around, it makes it much more fun. But it does end rather quickly.” she cooed with a pout.

“You are fucking crazy! Get off of me!”

“Hm, that is not what you were saying several minutes ago.” Imogen ran the blade gently across his neck. She didn’t want to kill him yet, she wanted to play.

Derek didn’t dare move for fear of the blade piercing his skin, and Imogen knew that. She giggled and ran fingers through his hair.

“You are so cute,” she said, “I bet your insides are even cuter. Shall we see?”

“No! Get the hell away from me! Help!” Derek continued to call out, with hope that someone would hear.

Imogen frowned, “Now, you wouldn’t want to anger me. I may have to end this quicker than I’d like,” she threatened, pushing the blade closer to his skin.

Imogen felt a kiss on her neck and smiled, happy her brother had come. Without removing the dagger, she turned to give him a kiss back, “Brother, did you come to play with us?” she asked in a childlike manner.

“Yes, sister. I have brought you new toys as well,” he said with a grin revealing operating tools.

Imogen picked up one of the blades and ran her finger along it; it was sharp enough to cut through skin and muscle, perhaps organs. This made her smile grow.

“Thank you brother-”

“You two are fucking screwed up. Let me go you bitch.” Derek called out.

Imogen frowned, “Brother, did you hear what he called me? It wasn’t very nice.” Imogen pouted at her brother. Her brother gave her a loving expression and smoothed her hair. Imogen’s smile returned and she turned her gaze back to Derek.

“It has been said sticks and stones break bones, but words don’t. But I feel as though you’ve cut me with that nasty name.” she said.

Imogen moved the blade quickly, slicing Derek’s chest. It wasn’t deep enough to kill him, but deep enough to hurt. Derek cried out; Imogen gave a sympathetic frown.

“See dear,” she says sweetly, “it hurts.” Imogen brought the blade to her lips and let it rest there for a moment.

“Gah!” Derek cried.

“Perhaps if you apologize, I’ll kiss it better,” she says.

Derek growled from the pain and shook his head, “You are so fucked up in the head.” he grunted, pain still radiating from the cut.

“What a foul mouth you have. I can fix that,” she said bringing the dagger to his mouth and resting it on his lips.

His eyes widened as he realized what she intended to do. He shook his head, “No, please. I’m sorry!” he desperately said.

Imogen cocked her head and smiled, “See, there’s more fun to be had when you speak kindly.”

Imogen brought the dagger back to his chin, lightly tracing the blade around his neck. She liked the panic that arose from him, and his eyes. His teal eyes showed fear, so much fear. It fed Imogen’s massive ego and her need to kill. She toyed with his fear by tracing the dagger along his neck and chest, pressing the blade to his skin. She traced his upper arm and noticed the scars across his wrist again. She took his wrist in her hand and used her finger to trace the scars.

“Mortals are funny creatures. You tried to kill yourself. You wish to die?” Imogen asked.

Derek shook his head, not saying anything out of fear. Imogen shrugged and dropped the hand. She bit the blade of the dagger before resting it against his chin.

“Well, it really isn’t your choice anymore,” she said, making another quick cut to his chest.

His cries of pain were a sadistic kind of music to her. She closed her eyes and took in a breath of the bloody scent surrounding her. When she opened her eyes, she saw many thin streams of blood running from the deep cut. She giggled.

“Seems I pierced rather deep.” Imogen giggled again.

Imogen sighed, becoming bored with playing with her toy. She rocked the dagger between two fingers, circling it in air above his heart. She began to hum an old Greek hymn and her smile grew bigger with each passing second. Like a pendulum, the dagger slowly circled closer to his skin, but then stopped. Imogen was bored, but had a fun game in mind.

“Brother,” Imogen began with a look to her brother.

“Yes, sister?” Seraphim responded.

“I have a special gift for your collection, but sadly I do not have the proper tools,” she said with a slight pout.

Seraphim grinned and handed her a precise cutting tool. Imogen nodded in return and took the tool. The body beneath her began to thrash around, struggling to free himself. Imogen frowned and pressed the dagger into the skin of his chin, incredibly close to piercing the skin. She leaned her face close to his and glared at him.

“I did say thrashing made it more fun. But that ends it rather quickly and I wish to play some more. Stay still; I don’t want to find another toy at this hour,” she threatened.

In one swift movement, his head collided with hers. Imogen sat back up quickly, her forehead red and hurting. She brought her palms to her forehead and groaned from the pain. Seraphim was quick to her aid. He removed her hands and brushed back her lavender bangs to study the wound.

“Brother, he hurt me.” Imogen pouted.

Seraphim nodded, kissed her forehead, and let her bangs fall back to her forehead, “I believe this toy is defective, sister. Perhaps you should skip over to the ending game.”

He picked up the discarded dagger and gave it back to his sister. Imogen gave a slight smile. She turned her head back to the boy and sighed in frustration.

“That quite hurt. Not only do words hurt, but so do actions. Allow me to show you.” Imogen traced the dagger down his torso, he wiggled and cried for mercy, and she brought it down hard in his stomach.

Blood splattered her body and Derek cried out in agonizing pain. Imogen giggled and pulled the dagger out, sending more blood across herself and Derek. Derek’s breathing quickened, he shook and thrashed. Imogen continued to giggle, playing in the blood. She brought a bloody finger to her mouth and licked it once. She smiled and looked down at Derek’s quivering body.

Imogen felt soft feathers envelope her shoulders, she turned to see her brother’s white wings appear. She closed her eyes, then turned back to Derek. She grabbed the precise cutting tool and traced an outline around his heart. She cut into the skin. Derek groaned, his breathing becoming ragged.

Imogen smiled a twisted smile and leaned into Derek’s face; he was too weak to harm her again. She looked at his half-lidded, teal eyes and put a bloody hand on his cheek. She gave the boy one last kiss.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” Imogen smiled and reached her hand into his chest. With a little difficulty, she pulled something from his chest. At that moment, his body thrashed once more before lying still. His breathing had stopped and his eyelids fell closed.

Imogen looked at the bloody organ, before setting it on the coffee table. She slid from the boy’s body and fell into her brother’s arms, tired.

“Brother, I’m tired,” she said softly, her eyes fell closed.

Seraphim kissed his sister’s head, then they both fell asleep on the floor.




“Brother, this is tedious.” A pale blue haired girl says, playing with the layers of her pink and black petticoat.

“Just wait, sister.” The pink haired boy says, running a hand through his sister’s blue strands. “I like blue better, sister,” the boy says, twirling a blue strand between his fingers.

The girl smiles, “So do I, brother.”


Happy Valentine’s Day,

Samm Sanity


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