Can’t Sleep Ramblings

Currently Listening To: “Good As Dead” -Master of Death


“To Burn” -Jayy Von


I’ve been trying to pass out by at least ten thirty lately, but today I cannot sleep. x.x Usually after taking my shower I’m ready to totally plop down in bed, but that hasn’t tired my ass out. So I’m sitting here listening to a new upload from Blood on the Dance Floor Master of Death (I like it I also kinda of like Jayy’s solo project too.) and fucking around on OurWorld.

ourWorld - Play great online puzzle, action, arcade and strategy games

Ah look at mini Samm….

I’m also debating on whether I should erase the pencil marks from a new drawing or wait. There was an update on the mascot contest for my homeschool. Apparently I could submit multiple entries (a little late telling me this now). So I have drawn up another decent mascot idea. It can’t hurt to try. I think this one looks a little cuter. Of course there are still Steampunk elements, because that’s seriously all I picture when reading what the school wants our mascots to represent. I’d insert a picture of the contest sheet, but there are too many personal details about my homeschool for my lazy-ass to edit. So….

I will post a picture of my new drawing once it’s done. :3 

Both the Gloomth and my homeschool contest end in January. I hope I can at least do well in one of them. >.< Both have awesome prizes, so I cannot pick which one I’d rather win. 

A gift certificate for some fucking amazing Goth Lolita clothes or an ipad air filled with artistic apps….. Both are just too perfect for my world. >.< Gah.


I get to make Christmas cookies! I’m very excited for this. I got to make Halloween cookies this year as well. ^.^ It’s been a good year for cooking. I am making some Christmas sugar cookies, and then just some regular chocolate chip and a new kind of cookie my mom found. It’s called Pumpkin Spice. Mm, it sounds good (and it looks good too).  I’ll send y’all some virtual cookies. ^u^


I’m too excited for Christmas. I just can’t wait to give people presents for no reason. ^u^ Christmas comes in second after Halloween for my favorite holidays.

Do you guys have any plans? Do ya want a cookie? Let me know below! (I cannot fucking spell today. I had to rewrite that sentence several times >.<)

**Edit** Oh hey! This is my 200th post! 😀 Cool.

Say hi. Continue to stalk me quietly. I know you guys do. ;p



SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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