Christmas Highlights :3

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Hi guys! I hope you all are having a good day!

I had so much fun seeing my sister react (it was so cute) to everything. :3 I think I did pretty well. ^.^ Hehe. My mom is still telling me she’s going to kick my ass for buying her gifts (she hates Christmas and we’re never allowed to buy her gifts, but I used the gift card I got to get her some. :3)

I still could not sleep last night. I haven’t been able to sleep this whole week and it’s been pissing me off, I just want to sleep. ;-; So last night I turned on my skeleton lights, put in my Nightmare Before Christmas cd, and tried to lull myself to sleep. The lights are inside the skeletons’ rib cages, so when they light up the rib bones are flashing across my ceiling. I eventually fell asleep.

IMG_2165 IMG_2196 IMG_2198

So magical

I also made cookies! There was a little clump of dough left and none of the cookie cutters would fit, so I made the last bit into a penguin for my little sister. c: I think he came out handsome. 


He got a little chubby when he was baking. ^.^

I had fun baking the cookies. :3



I had a stocking I got one Christmas hanging up as decoration in my bedroom. I woke up and found a present in it. xD It was two manga inking pens. :3 (I don’t know how well y’all can see the little present)


Speaking of which. I didn’t want to do a haul. I just want to do highlights of the things I’m uber excited about….


I got some cool colored pencils, I can’t wait to see how they work. Those two pens are the manga pens.

IMG_2201 IMG_2203

Hehe, a Toothless body wash dispenser. /)^.^(\  Lost my shit. Then lost it again once I saw the Hello Kitty and Toothless bath drops. I can soak in rainbow colored water!! 😀


Along the lines of bath stuff. I love holiday body washes. c:


My little sister is just the fucking coolest. :3 She got these for me. I love that little pain in the ass. ;u;

IMG_2206 IMG_2205

I love this headband (not only does it hide some of my root-age) it’s so cute and punk-y. I put it on when I opened it and haven’t taken it off yet. ^.^ Because I don’t have enough stuffed animals already. I love this little monster, he’s so cute!!


I also got hair dye, but I’m not going to tell y’all what colors. It’s going to be a surprise. :3 Shh…

Most everything was bath stuff (guess who’s never leaving the bathroom!) and I need to start cleaning my bathtub. There’s back hair everywhere. >.< *sigh*


I had so much fun giving everyone gifts and watching them open them. :3 I hope you all are having fun. I’m going to go get fat on chocolate and play with make-up. I shall post again soon. c:

Leave me a comment below. Are y’all having fun? Best present you’ve given/received? Want a cookie? 

Bye guys!!


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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