A Bit of A Haul… I Suppose?

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This is just perfect for the book I bought today. :3


Hi guys! It’s been a little bit. I’ve been lazy busy, sorry! 

Look how fabulous I look. 

IMG_2251 IMG_2252 IMG_2253 IMG_2254

So the colors I got from my little sister for Christmas was Raspberry and Huckleberry from Beyond The Zone. I think it looks amazing! I parted my hair down the middle and dyed half blue and half pink and got this effect when I put my hair and layers back into place. (Also, I finally got around to hacking up my layers – I now have some again!) I didn’t bother with putting any in the black layers, because it’s a waste. I love how it came out!

I was feeling very faerie-ish today. So I did some faerie-like make-up with some bright and sparkle green eyeshadows. I also have my faerie door choker on. ^^ I used the L.A.Colors eyeshadow my sister got me for Christmas and I am very surprised at how well they’re working. Usually it’s all in my crease, but it’s holding up pretty well for being L.A.Colors. c:

Along the lines of Christmas, my aunt sent me a gift card for Walmart. ^.^ I was going to use it for a prepaid card, but apparently you can’t buy that shit with a gift card (so I owe my mom five dollars). I got the prepaid card so that I could order some BOTDF cds from their store while they were on sale (already put my order in for the Epic/All The Rage bundle – can’t wait for them to arrive!)

So, I didn’t use it all, but I did get some stuff I wanted/needed. The first was some bubble bath. I got a ton of other bath stuff for Christmas, except for the most important – bubble bath. It’s Cherry Blossom, my favorite!

I tried those tablets that change my bath water colors. It was so much fun! I had a blast. 😀

I also got some brushes that I was expecting to be cheap, but they’re made very well! I’ve been playing with them for a little bit now and haven’t lost any bristles. They’re nice and thick and I love them. I need to get some more. They were only fifty cents each (half off all Christmas items).


I also picked up a Monster High and Ever After High lip gloss(also fifty cents each).

The last thing I got was this book. Oh my gods, this book sounds so amazing and perfect for my weird-ass.


It’s called Asylum and it’s about some college kids staying in a dorm that used to be an insane asylum. There are even beautiful pictures of actual asylum-y stuff inside. There are also little notes inside that say some interesting things. My favorite note being: 

“Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked up in what cage.” <~ I love it. 

These are a few of my favorite pictures…

IMG_2248 IMG_2247 IMG_2246 IMG_2245 IMG_2244

I love all the pictures in this book. They’re so beautiful and weird and creepy… kind of like me (ya know, minus that first part c;)!  I cannot wait to start reading it. I’ve read all my library books and need something to read. ;-; Gah.


I am so full of excitement today. I can’t wait for my cds to arrive and I can’t wait to start reading this book. :3 

How are you guys’ doing? Any excitement filling your days? 

Leave a comment below, say hi, quietly continue to stalk me, whatever floats your boat. :p

Haha, bye guys!!


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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