Asylum Review

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This book fucked with my mind. I had trouble sleeping. It really got into my head and made it hard for me to sleep. I love horror, but my over-active imagination hates me. >.<

I wasn’t planning on finishing it so early today, I usually only read at bedtime until I fall asleep. But I only had like three chapters left and the book was just sitting there taunting me – more like bitching at me.


Samm, get your ass over here and read me now.

Yeah, my books are real bitches when I don’t read them.


This book was excellently written and it (figuratively) about made me piss my pants. It’s really creepy. I freaking love it.

It did a really nice job of showing the fear and chaos within the trio of friends after they ventured into the old part of the asylum for the first (and several) time. I enjoyed how well it was written to show how it was affecting each person.

I also really loved how well it made me feel the same fear as the trio of friends. I was terrified for the kids, but also just as curious and wanting to know answers as they were. The book was just incredibly well written to fuck with my mind and sleep.

And oh my gods, the pictures! The pictures are so creepy and beautiful. There are credits in the back, and some of the pictures of from actual asylums. It’s just amazingly creepy. :3

I really suggest this book to y’all. It’s well written and very creepy. It really gets into your head. So, if any of y’all like that, read it! 😀


I have a shit ton of books on my shelf, but no motivation to read any right now. So, I’m kind of out of books to read right now. I did pick up one from the library and it sounds interesting (it’s becoming increasingly harder to find any books I haven’t read/interest me in that library) so I’m good for a couple more days. But I do need some suggestions to be on the look for, just in case. c:

Leave any good books y’all have read and/or totally love below. c: 

Or, as always, say hi. c:

Or quietly stalk me. I know some of y’all do and I see you. *waves to my stalkers* I appreciate you quiet guys too.


Bye! 😀


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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