New Year, New Ideas.

Currently Listening To: “Carousel” -Melanie Martinez


I had no idea there was a music video for this. I’ve been in one of those moods where I only want to listen to certain songs/bands/artists. This time it’s Melanie Martinez and Millionaires. And I only like so few songs from Martinez. O.o So mostly Millionaires.


I walked away from my computer for two minutes and forgot what the fuck I was going to post. >.< Please tell me I’m not the only one? 

Well, fuck. 

I suppose I could now use this post for other stuff. I’ll just do that. 

What the fuck did I want to post???


 Anyway, Happy New Year! I know I’m late, I’m always late to the party. 

Still have my Christmas-oween tree up. It fits so perfectly with my bedroom that I don’t really know if I want to take it down. Plus, it was hard work getting those bat skeleton lights on there…. laziness for the win! 😀

So, the winners of the Gloomth contest were announced. The winning entries are amazing. ^.^ I didn’t win, but hey, those people have shitloads of talent. I don’t know when my homeschool will be announcing the winners of their contest, but I have hope for that one…. maybe. c:

tda contest


I want to start making videos this year. I do not currently have a decent camera, but I do have a phone camera. Heh…  I may just use that if I don’t eventually get myself one. 

Also, I have been thinking so hard about what would be fun for me to do this year. I do know I’m going to definitely eventually do the Sister Tag on a video, because my sister’s too awesome for text. We need to showcase this awesomeness on video. I think y’all would adore her. ^.~

But first, I just can’t come up with any decision on what to do for a first video. I have several tags saved to my computer (I find tags to be so much fun….. in case that isn’t apparent). Some of them may not apply to me appropriately. I have make-up tags and such in a folder. I am getting real into doing fun make-up, but I think it’d be quite odd to do a make-up tag just yet. 

I’ve had friends tell me to do a fact tag about me for a first video or just sit and talk in front of the camera. I like the idea of a facts tag. I may end up doing that if I can’t decide on anything else. :3

Another thing. I have utterly no editing skills. Any extremely simple video editing shit I could use? Let me know below. I want to at least have some editing skills, because I tend to go off on rambles…… heh heh.

Everything here will probably still be the same – post whatever I feel like posting. Good plan. d(^.^)b (<~thumbs up)

That is all for now. :p Leave a comment below, say, hi, stalk me, give huggles… whatever y’all feel like doing down in that box down there.

Bye guys!


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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