I Hate Winter….

Currently Listening To: “Meteor” -T.M.Revolution

This was the first artist I heard, that got me into Japanese music. He has aged pretty damn well too. *drools* Hard to believe how old he is….


My boobs are fucking killing me. ;-; They hurt and my mom keeps freaking me the fuck out with “maybe they’re growing”. 

Please, no. I don’t like them at the size they are now. Shrink goddammit.

They’re not allowed to grow unless I grow taller….


I am not enjoying the snow. I’m stuck inside and I’m going to lose it soon. I hate being stuck inside and no amount of practicing with make-up is going to keep me from going crazy. I need to go outside, go somewhere. >.< 

The only thing keeping me remotely sane is playing with my watercolor colored pencils. They’re really fun and easy to use. They’ve been the main thing I’ve been using to color in my drawings. 

My mom said she should get my sister a pack (since they seem to be lasting a lot longer than regular colored pencils) 

……and to get me a couple more packs.

I really like them, okay. Yeah, I’ve been using them quite a bit, but isn’t that good? I think? ;-;


I needed a cover picture for some things. But it’s too big for most of the things I needed it for. Oh well.

The only things that aren’t watercolor are the silver and/or gold bits and the skin color. Those I used either a gel pen or regular colored pencil.

IMG_2270 IMG_2287

I used black marker on the the girl’s corseted belt and her shoes. Everything else is watercolor pencils. The circus-y one I am currently working on. It’s going well so far. :3

It’s really fun to use these colored pencils. Also, the new pens I got to outline are amazing. c: The thicker lines are from my fine tipped sharpie, but the thin lines are from the new pen. I love it. It’s so smooth and really great for the small details I love to do such as lace and ruffles. They dry fairly quickly and don’t smear much. They also don’t bleed through/all over the paper like Sharpies do.

The only thing is, I’ve seen the price for a single one. It’s almost two dollars for one pen. I know it may not seem like much to some of y’all, but that’s a lot for me. I can buy a pack of five RSVP pens (what I used to use for outlining) and only pay four dollars. I’m hoping these pens last a long time so that I don’t have to keep buying them. 

Overall, the pens are great. The colored pencils are amazing. I’m very happy. :3


Are any of you guys stuck inside? What are you doing to keep from going bat-shit crazy? Anyone else tried these watercolor colored pencils? What did ya think of them? Let me know below. c:

Say hi.

Hello stalkers! ^.~ I appreciate you silent guys as well. 

Bye guys. c:


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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