Guess What’s in my Mailbox?

Currently Listening To: “Xx3” -Blood on the Dance Floor


I finally got my cds in the mail today! woo. :3 


The mail was not nice to my cds at all. They’re pretty banged up. The inside of the one is busted, so now the cd won’t stay in. I definitely can’t take this one (All the Rage) anywhere with me or I might risk it falling out and getting scratched.


There’s nothing to hold the cd inside now.

The good thing is that they’re both playing great. There aren’t any problems and I’m so happy!

We were heading to town and stopped to check the mail. I was losing my shit when I saw the little package. I had just put in the mixed cd I made and wanted to put one of these in instead. My little sister was yelling “No!!” “You just had to check the mail!”  in the back seat, so I had to wait until I got home. She’s so silly.

What’s funny is that we were going to listen to Sexting either way. The only difference is that my mixed cd has the version with Jeffree Star. Hehe >:)

I love packages in the mail (except for when the mail decides to beat it up), I rarely get any. xD


That’s pretty much the climax of my week. It’s boring as fuck over here. :/ Anyone have any excitement going on in their worlds? Please enlighten me down below vvvv

Bye guys. c: I’m going to party in my bedroom for the rest of the night.


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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