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So this may end up getting a little rant-y, so I’m going to apologize in advance if it does get rant-y. I was thinking of doing a post showing all my Lolita skirts (I seriously have nothing going on in my life right now), but that’ll wait until tomorrow. Today I’m going to talk about something that has been bugging me lately.

So, I normally don’t get involved with hate groups or pages, or even give them any notice. But this one hate page has been very impacting. Facebook apparently thinks that because I like Blood on the Dance Floor that they suggested  (you guys know how Facebook suggests shit based on shit you view/like/etc….?) that I’d like a hate page for BOTDF. I had also heard of this page through the BOTDF page, asking for SGTC to not get involved and attack the members of this page and to report it.

The reason being that the page was giving out inaccurate information, names, ages and such of supposed “victims” of Vanity. They were also attacking the band’s page and SGTC members. The page is a bit more than just a hate page.

Blood On The Dance Floor

The actual post made by the band talking about the hate page. They do a better job explaining than I’m doing.


I’m not going to get all into that in length. But I do want to talk about hate pages/groups in general.

I personally don’t join any or get involved with any. I think they’re stupid and a waste of time. If you seriously take that much time and effort to create a page/group to discuss your hate of said thing, it makes me think you enjoy that thing that you’re hating. You spend as much time hating as the fans do loving that thing. 

I think Bieber is a douche, but I’m not going to waste my time searching for his music videos/pages/fans/etc… and leave hateful messages. That takes time and effort and (in my opinion) dedication – which is what his fans have for him. Haters love hating something just as much as the fans love that something. 

I don’t give a flying shit about him, so why would I want to sit and discuss how much I dislike him? What is that going to accomplish? I also am not going to go after his fans, because they’re not him. Why would I attack random fans just because they like him? They’ve done nothing to me and they’re not the object of my dislike. Bieber is. So why do fans get hated and bullied?

I don’t understand why you’d bully the fans when they’re not the object you’re hating? I have no problem being friends with people that like him. If they like him that’s fine. I’ll be your friend if I think you’re cool, regardless of what you like.

Do the people who run these pages/groups give this much dedication to their own favorite things as they do to hating the things they don’t like? 

I remember a problem like this that arose on a site I loved to go on in 2012 (I’ve just now gotten back into this game, it’s sooo fun :3). On this site, people were making hate accounts. The accounts were titled “Ihate____” then the account’s name that they were hating. It was a real problem and they were mostly targeted at some of the popular accounts on there. The people who had a lot of friends and had gained some popularity from being really nice and generous in their years of being on that site. I don’t know how it ended, as I left before it was ever fixed. But it seems to be over now.

Those accounts were terrible and spent so much time hating on these nice people who had done nothing. I wonder how they kept up with the hate accounts and their own regular accounts – must be hard I assume.

All my rambling aside, my point is that these hate pages and groups are just as devoted to what they hate as the fans are to loving it. Why would you even want to sit and discuss how much you hate something? Why would you want to be around all that negativity? And, why go after the innocent fans? They are not the object of your hate and they haven’t done anything to earn your hate.


That’s pretty much all I have to say or I’ll end up repeating myself or bitching. Leave your thoughts below, if any. Say hi. Quietly stalk me. I’ll have another post up soon. Bye guys. :3


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


3 thoughts on “Hate Pages

  1. Hate breeds nothing but hate. I’m sure the haters lead miserable lives. 2015 is the year of positivity for me. It’s just so much easier.

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