Loads of Stuff In One Post… Fuck Titles… They’re Hard..

Currently Listening To: “Party On” -Blood on the Dance Floor


Yes, Blood on the Dance Floor will be up there for quite a long time. I’m really getting use out of my cds. I love them so much. The only other one I reeeeally want is Bad Blood (as it is my favorite). I would love to get Bitchcraft, Anthem of the Outcast, Blood Unplugged, etc…. but that may take a while and I want to get my favorites first. 

I was all set to take pictures of me “modeling” (I wouldn’t call it modeling -too fucking short- but it fits I suppose) my lolita skirts collection, but I got sidetracked. I saw Manda31409’s Bodyline haul and just didn’t feel like doing anything after that. I fucking love Bodyline, wish I could afford it. I loved all the skirts and things she had bought, they were adorable. /)^.^(\ 


I really need to start working on all the laundry I did yesterday. I’ve got two boxes of clean clothes to hang up. My couch is filled with clothes, fabric, lace, and more clothes. I’ve also got my Steampunk stuff laid out all ready to go. I’ve been in a mood to wear my Steampunk outfit and since I found that perfect shirt, I am excited to put everything on.

Also, first thrift of the year….. already….


Look how beautiful it is. You can’t blame me…. right?

I love cameos. I really love this clear one, it’s beautiful. It’ll look lovely with all my Goth Lolita outfits and even with my more lazy as fuck casual days. I’ve been wearing it even if I’m just walking around the house in my jammies. I bet it’ll look great with my Steampunk outfit 😮 I’ll have to take a picture of me in it.


Those Hobbit movies are long as all fuck. I fucking hate how long they are. I watched the second one today and was having trouble staying still. Fuck. I cannot even sit through an hour long movie. I don’t know how anyone can spend all day/night watching movies. I get bored and restless. x.x


I was in a really purple-y mood today. I put on purple eyeliner and purple mascara. I look strange, but cute, I like it. ;D The only reason I put on make-up was because I thought I was going to get off my lazy ass and get shit done, but then I got sucked into watching the second Hobbit movie and other movies. Got all pretty-ified to watch movies. Gah.


I also finally got around to filming a video! I just haven’t gotten around to doing anything with it. I need to edit/put it all together. The only thing I have is Windows Movie Maker (on school issued computer, my computer is just a Chrome book) and everyone keeps saying not to use it. So, I don’t really know yet. Let me know below if you have any opinions on this. It’s very much appreciated.


What are y’all up to lately? I’m bored as fuck. My cds are now the only thing keeping me sane (I ran out of drawing inspiration). Anyone else feeling a little bit “The Shining” lately? I have…. a lot. I’m about damn ready to lose my shit and go on a murder spree… fuck I hate the winter.

Excuse my psychotic moment there….

Leave a comment below, say hi, stalk me, whatever makes ya happy. :p

Bye guys!


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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