Updated What’s in My Bag?

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I just woke up from a nap that I took after just waking up from sleep… I’ve slept most of the day. I fucking hate winter. ;-;

I decided since I’m bored, I’d do an updated, “What’s in my purse?” I’ve been using a different purse since last year, so why not?

First, I wore my Steampunk outfit out yesterday and had a blast. I didn’t get the whole outfit, but I did get how perfectly the cameo necklace sat with my top. When I wear my Abbey Dawn top, I usually put necklace up under the little flap-things, so I did that with this top and it worked out perfectly.

IMG_2341 IMG_2342

My make-up it just like what I did for my costume, except I used liquid eyeliner instead of black shadow. I’m getting soo good at using liquid, I love it!

Onto the post!


I’m currently using a cross-body bag I found in the same place I bought my Hello Kitty Vans (which I cannot remember the name). I love that I can wear it cross body, it’s so much easier to do thrift shopping when your purse isn’t always falling off your shoulder.


When I first bought my Jack Skellington bag/wallet last year, I was just using that as a purse for a little bit, but then it’s hard to carry cds with you in that thing. Good thing the chains are detachable.

I actually took the chance yesterday and brought my cd with me. The only song my little sister really reacted to was “Yo Ho”. I don’t even understand it. There are a couple worse songs to start getting hysterical about, than Yo Ho. It made me laugh. xD I’m terrible, I know.

IMG_2349 IMG_2350

On the two inside pockets I have a Monster High change container, pen, and notebook. I have an RSVP pen and two chapsticks. 

In the back zipper pocket I have girly shit items (which no I’m not showing, I do have some shame), a compact mirror (more for my little sister’s benefit than mine), and gum! I love carrying gum in my purse. c:


That’s pretty much it, aside from my phone (which I used for pictures). It’s a good little sized purse and it can carry cds so yay! I love the design of it and the fake leather that it’s made of. So cute for all my outfits (except for Steampunk, it looked a little out of place xD).


That’s all for this post. I tag whoever the hell wants to do this (as always c;). Leave a comment below, say hi, and/or keep stalking me. I appreciate it all. :p


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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