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This is going to be rant-y  -prepare yourselves.


So the shortlist for the hair dye competition was put up yesterday. I like the judges choices, they were very unique and bright and just overall cool. (My favorite is the purple-ly blue green ombre-like one. :3 Her earrings are pretty fucking cool too. *o*)

Find it here.

When it was posted, several contestants started complaining because the shortlist wasn’t made up of the people with the most votes. 

I think “likes” counted for a small part of the competition. The competition was for the most unique, brightest, colorful-est hairstyles. So aside from likes, the hair also had to be impressive. (duh)

A shit ton of people started complaining about how it wasn’t fair that the people with the most likes didn’t get in the shortlist.

So, those holding the contest made a second shortlist of the people with the most likes. 

Almost the entire list is full of blue hair. Not very unique or original in my opinion and it was unnecessary. There didn’t need to be another list. The contest was for most original, brightest hair colors/styles. (Hell, one girl’s hair in the second shortlist was a totally faded blue. :/) This is so ridiculous to sit and complain about the fact that your precious blue hair didn’t get into the shortlist. I don’t think the people complaining understood that it wasn’t just about likes, but also the originality of the colors/style, the brightness, and just overall how interesting or cool the hair is.

Find the list here.

This leads me to want to just sit here and state the worse/stupid-est things about giveaways and contests.


Sore Losers: The people who cannot handle that someone beside themselves won. They are total asshats and one of the worse parts of participating in contests/giveaways. Do they not understand there will be other contests and most giveaways are based on luck of being picked in a random number generator? It does no good to bitch about not winning, because it’s not going to make you suddenly win.

Cheaters: There will always be cheaters. I hate that people think they need to win so badly that they make new accounts, promise things, and other shit to get votes/a better chance of winning. Really? That’s not cool dude.

Boo Hoo Sad Story Time/Beggars: I saw this just the other day on a giveaway a youtuber was holding. To get an entry you had to leave any comment down below her video. There were soo many comments giving some sob story about how they had to win because they can’t afford (whatever was being gave away). There were people begging to be picked because they had no nice things and they’re parents can’t afford to buy them all their bratty demands.

Don’t even pull that poor bullshit on. I know what it feels like to be down that low. Right now my parents have trouble affording to pay bills and be able to feed themselves, and my sister and I, until my mom and I go back to work in the spring. But that is not an excuse to automatically win. Do NOT ever pull that bullshit with me. If I held a giveaway and saw that shit, I’d be deleting those comments. 

If you want things in life, you better work for it instead of whining, begging, and complaining on a giveaway that is likely being decided by a random number generator. That number generator doesn’t give a shit about your sob story(quite frankly neither do I). So stop it.

Fixed Contests: I don’t think I’ve ever had this problem (then again I only enter contests that are relavent to me – not many), but when a contest has been fixed. I’d totally hate it if I entered the contest to only find out that it had been fixed. That shit has got to be bad.

Complainers: The ones who didn’t win at the end of the contest and sit there and complain or make accusations about it not being fair/fixed/other bullshit. This could also tie into the sore losers I suppose. I hate complainers, please just congratulate the winner and go away with grace. Don’t be a dick.

Harassing The Winner: I hate those who harass the winner or try to make them give them their prize. Really? How bad do you want to win that you’d sink that low? That’s not cool either. Leave the winner alone, they don’t want to give their prize away and they certainly won’t give it to some asshole harassing them.

Sabotaging Entries: I haven’t seen this often, but when people sabotage other entrants entries somehow. That five dollar gift card must be the ultimate shit, if you are willing to sabotage others who are participating fairly for it.


There’s my list/rant. I probably missed some. So if there are any that I missed or pet peeves y’all hate about contests/giveaways, let me know below. 

I just got really peeved when I saw people complaining about the shortlist. That wasn’t necessary. Those girls have some pretty awesome hair. I love all the entries in the shortlist the judges chose. :3 Let me know if any of you guys like any of those entrants.

So, say hi, leave a comment, keep quiet, or ya know go vote for those awesome hairdos in the shortlist. Bye guys :3


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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