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Ohayocon. Jeffree Star’s Extreme Beauty Tour.  ~ all the cool shit happens here when I’m broke! God dammit.


I have mentioned in several posts about my PMSing sewing machine. I don’t think it’s ever getting better, so I have been looking around online for sewing machines.

I’ve found several I like. (of course my priorities went right out the window when I found this one.) There’s only one review, so I’m not sure how practical it is to go by that. I also found one other one. Here.

That one has a lot of good reviews, so I’m thinking about that one. Of course there are others I’ve found, but I really have no idea.

The main shit I need is:::

Under $100 (maybe $150 – depends)

Has to be able to sew thick material/several layers of material

Needs to be simple. I don’t need any of that fancy stitches shit or computerized shit. I just need a straight and zig-zag stitch, the others really don’t matter. I’m incompetent and I need something simple to operate, or y’all may end up hearing about how I sewed lace to my finger.


Right now I have a Singer Simple that I got for Christmas sooo many years ago.  It’s simple until it comes to the bobbin. The bobbin goes in from the side, so I have to keep calling my mom to come put it in. I finally went a drew myself a diagram so that I could try to do it myself.

I prefer bobbins that load in the top as opposed to the side. It’s too difficult to fight with it.


So, what I want to know, are some recommendations. I don’t think I could afford another Singer, I just want to know what other good machines are out there. I appreciate the help. c:


So, anyone else in Ohio (or anywhere else) going to Ohayocon? I’m utterly jealous if y’all are. ;-;

Leave a comment below or say hi. I appreciate it all. :3


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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