Books and Stuff :p

Currently Listening To: “Fuck The Rest, We The Best” -Blood on the Dance Floor


I am seriously getting so much use out of my cds. :3 I mean some Paramore and Pierce The Veil got thrown into the mix a little, but Blood on the Dance Floor has been dominating the airwaves in my bedroom. 

Speaking of bedroom. My dad got the drawer made and it looks amazing. :3


I had to scootch the shelf over a bit, or the drawer would have hit my cds when I pulled it out. It’s pretty much just holding summer/work/workout clothes… though in the winter all of it turns into pajamas. :3 I also stored my pool towel in there as well, because it usually just gets thrown around from laundry box to laundry box.


I finished part of a trilogy yesterday and it’s killing me because my library doesn’t have the last book. >.< The second book ended so damn cliffhanger-y and I hate when books do that to me. I also hate (but love) when books give me way too many feels. I was crying reading the first and second books. They just gave me waay too many feels, which is good, it’s well written and makes me care what happens to the characters. I hate it because I’m laying in bed crying and reading and any moment someone could walk in and wonder what in hell is going on. I don’t want to try and explain that I’m crying because how damn feel-y the book is.

I’ll probably do a little review, just because of how great the book is and how interesting the concept/plot is.

I’ve started another book. I found this amazing beauty in my library on Friday. ;u;


According to the back, it’s full of news clippings, rituals, beliefs, ghost stories, obituaries, and such from 1840 to 1920 I believe (my laziness is overwhelming I cannot even get up and move two feet to my bed to check). I already started reading it and it’s so interesting. I’m really enjoying this book.


I’m redying my hair today, it’s going to have three colors in it. I’ve never had that many colors in my hair so I’m excited. I pretty much did the same technique I did last time ~ divide my hair in half and dye half blue and half pink. This time there’s going to be a chunk in the middle that’s another color. I’m sure it’s pretty easy to guess what color, but I still want it to be a surprise. Pictures will come later once it’s done. 

I’m currently sitting here in my pajamas and a shower cap ~


I think that’s all that’s going on here. 

Oh! I went sledding with my little sister yesterday. It was so much fun. The first time I went down my cat got in the sled with me and went down with me. Since we hadn’t made a path the sled was kind of slow and the cat stayed on. The second time I went down, there was a decent path made from the sled so the cat got on again and once the sled started going fast she tried clawing at the snow and eventually jumped off. But she followed us down the hill a couple of times and started sliding down. It was hilarious. Cx My little sister’s pudgy, camera whore, cat followed her down once, but didn’t like that she started sliding. The cat’s pudgy-ness was dragging her down the hill. xD

The only part I like about winter is sledding and making an anatomically correct snowman. By that, I mean my little sister and I add gender appropriate parts…. 😀 It’s like our weird little tradition. We haven’t done it this year, but the snow keep melting, then freezing, then more falls, then rain… it’s just not easy to make a snowman that will last. :/


So that is all now! Haha. Are y’all have fun in the snow? I usually don’t, but sledding is fun (until I slide right into the pine trees at the end of our hill). Any good books been read? Anything else going on? 

I’m nosy, I know this. But leave a comment below, say hi, stay quiet. It’s all appreciated. 

Bai guys :3


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity



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