Thrift Haul Look Book

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 I was in a pretty full ensemble of Goth Lolita clothing and this song started playing. I looked so silly dancing like a raver in Goth Lolita clothing. P.L.U.R and Xx3 were what I was dancing to in my almost full Goth Lolita ensemble, It was super hilarious.


So, instead of my usual post about what I picked up today, I decided to do something I’ve seen one of my favorite youtubers(DrewDisaster) do. It’s a neat way to showcase a haul :3

I got a check from work the other day for “Staff Appreciation” so I used that fifteen dollars and went thrifting! Because I have a slight problem. >.>

So first thing, my mom found this really nice blouse for me. Ya know, ever Lolita wardrobe needs a white blouse, no matter what sub-genre(not even sure if that’s a correct word) ya dabble in. It’s cut out at the chest and it showcased my clear cameo perfectly.

My mom took my pictures for me…. so yeah. :3


Excuse my bare legs, I was not feeling like messing with my lace tights, so yay unshaven legs!

I love how it looks with my Lolita skirts and how it has that cut out int the chest. It perfectly framed my cameo necklace. It has a silky texture and it’s a little see-through. I’ll either need a white bra or ya know I could run around without a bra and just hope no one looks close enough at my blouse to see my tits.

No shame…. whatsoever.


The second thing is quite a bit big on me, it sort of eats me whole…. But my mom convinced me that she could take out the back hem and make it fit a lot better, so I got it.

IMG_2440 IMG_2439

I love the details on the side, it reminds me of like a band jacket sort of. I love jackets like this. It looks very rocker-ish. The brand is even called Rock Couture. It’s a very heavy/thick denim. I like it. :3


This last thing is what I’m most excited for. I found this first and totally lost my shit.

IMG_2431 IMG_2437

It looks just like the skirt I saw in the Halloween store. If it was shorter, had chains, and no lace/tulle, it would look just like the one I saw.

I only put on tights for this because the tulle was sticking to my leg hairs and the tights help to see the tulle(the shoes are just on to keep my tights from catching on anything on my floor). I actually like how the tights look with the skirt, very cool. I am in total love with this skirt. This is my favorite look. 


I also picked up more lace (purple-y red color) and these two pretty pins.


I liked the antique-y rose. I thought it’d be perfect for my Steampunk/Lolita outfits. I got the butterfly for it’s stained glass wings. It reminds me of an old church and my mom does stain glass mirrors. :3


I also found an actual petticoat in the thrift store, but it was fifteen dollars (no way in Hades was I going to put that skull skirt back), so my dad let me borrow fifteen dollars. I just hope it’s still there when I go back.  I’m pretty the petticoats that were out are meant for all the prom dresses, but since I (depressingly :c) don’t need a prom dress I will be using it for my Lolita skirts. I’ve never owned an actual petticoat (the one that I have from walmart is just a skirt, but it was labeled petticoat, so that’s what I call it) and I am so excited. I will definitely be doing pictures with all my skirts xD


What was you guys’ favorite look? Do y’all like this better than just me showing them off? (that sounded a little pompous in my head….. >.>) What have y’all been up to lately? I’ve been too tired and haven’t had the oompf to get on here much. e.e I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Leave a comment below, say hi, have a rave in the comments, whatever floats y’alls’ boats. :p


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


4 thoughts on “Thrift Haul Look Book

  1. jamilajj says:

    Hi there! Awesome clothes, I love the choker. I hope find the petticoat when you return to the shop.
    Jamila \m/

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] shirt is a kid’s and the sleeves were too short/tight for my arms) and they were in my thrift haul look book. I decided to finally hem them and add elastic to keep them up and make them look more […]


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