Make-up to Match My Hair

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I did something like this when my hair was half blue and pink. I did my whole eyelid black and added a touch of blue on my eye on the blue side of my head and pink on the pink side. I thought it looked neat. 

I wasn’t actually planning on doing it, but I saw I already had two of the colors of my hair on my eye and just scrapped my original design.

I was originally going to do neon pink, purple, and green on my eyes. Then put leopard print designs on the outer corners. Instead I used blue and made it match my lovely hair(which the goddamn blue has already washed out even though I put it in first this time!).

IMG_2460 IMG_2459


Taking advantage of the last sources of sunlight… oh look at that petticoat back there. I have no available hangers….

rainbow eye

What I used:::

Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer

L.A.Colors Palattes; EP113 Waterworld, EP22 Tease, 12 Color Palatte(there wasn’t a name)

Wet N Wild Coloricon White Eyeliner

Wet N Wild Mega Protein Mascara

Double Sided Eye Brush & Elf Blending Brush -I don’t recommend elf products at all, this brush falls apart so easily. I bit down on the end to keep the bristles in place so I could get some use out of it. (it was a present from my little sister :3)



  • I put the primer on my lids up to my brow bone.
  • I covered my entire lid (up to brow bone) in white eyeliner. I found out that this makes my eyeshadow colors even more obnoxious – I like that. :3
  • I put the pink on the inside corner of my eye, followed by purple, and then blue on the outside. I also put a little blue under the out corner of my eyes.
  • I put on my (favorite-est) mascara. I love this shit.

I didn’t feel like using any eyeliner, because I felt it looked very nice without it, but I suppose you could add some if you’d like. c:

IMG_2462 IMG_2464

Unleashed the amazing mane….

I’m thinking about wearing this out tomorrow. I may add some sparkle to it (because I can :p).

What are y’alls opinions? Would you wear this out? I’m probably the only one that would wear this. 

Ah well, I like it. 

Leave a comment below or just say hi. :3

Bye guys.


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity



5 thoughts on “Make-up to Match My Hair

  1. jamilajj says:

    I think the makeup is lovely. I would totally wear it out. I don’t have any eyeshadow so I can’t try it out though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sissy says:

    I’d wear it! It looks so prettyiful Cx like lisa frank *just severely dated myself*

    Liked by 1 person

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