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I hate when I’m wearing my favorite pair of boyshorts and my girly shit is a total dick and starts spontaneously. Why? Why do you do this to me? I fucking hate that. 


Some of you guys may be thinking that what I just said is too much information and that I need to keep that shit to myself. That’s sort of what I want to talk about today.

I have no shame in posting here about the wonderful-ness that is girly shit, (I’ve done so many times and probably will continue to) because it’s a pain-in-the ass part of my little world. It’s no secret that I bleed every goddamn month and so does (most) every other girl in the world. It’s not something new and exclusive. And if you’re reading my blog, you are (hopefully, the content here is not really suitable for children some most days) old enough to understand that (again, hopefully).

I shared this jokingly with a friend of mine. We’ve been friends for about three to four years, I didn’t expect them react. I was told that what I had said was too much information and that that is personal and should not be shared.

Said friend can tell me about how horny they are, but I’m not allowed to joke about something (most) every girl does?

This makes me wonder why such things are so taboo. Why is my girly shit something that I shouldn’t talk about (even in a joking format)? I don’t feel it’s that personal, and I’m not sharing any “disgusting” details. Y’all can infer that shit yourselves. 

Not just my girly shit, but other “natural” things. (I’m not even mature enough to say the goddamn word or mention it. Y’all know what “natural thing” I mean.) I don’t mind conversations about it, but I myself am still too damn embarrassed about things of that nature to be able to talk freely about it.(Hell, I still think kissing is nasty and unsanitary…) So I generally don’t talk about and I stay away from any conversations that will make me uncomfortable. 

But if you are totally fine about talking about said things, then why shouldn’t you? I think things like this are okay to talk about, if you’re comfortable enough with it to talk about it. I don’t mind joking about my girly shit, it’s not as if I’m giving you guys every gory, traumatizing, detail. I just joke and let you guys infer whatever.

For example, what happened today. I didn’t just come out and say “hey, my favorite boyshorts now have blood stains!” I let it be inferred that is what I meant and even if I had just straight out said that, there shouldn’t be a problem. I joke about things like that, because it is sometimes a sensitive topic. I think it’s funny personally and a pain in the ass. It’s also something that will undoubtedly happen in my word and in other girls’ worlds. It’s no secret and it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed to speak about. So long as it’s an appropriate setting and conversation, etc… You obviously shouldn’t bring this up at someone’s funeral, so yeah. There are some places it isn’t appropriate at all.

I want to know you guys’ opinions on this. I really do. Do y’all think it’s too much information when I mention my girly shit in a post (jokingly or not)? Are things like this too personal to talk about? Should said things be shameful to talk about? Let me know below.

Leave a comment below, say hi, or ya know streak through the comments. c; Heh, I’m joking, please don’t start a streak down there, it could get a little crazy. xD

Bye guys :3


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


3 thoughts on “Taboo Topics

  1. jamilajj says:

    I don’t think it’s TMI at all! You’re right, it happens to all females. And I think your friend was being a bit over sensitive? Because it’s not too personal or shameful at all. It’s just a real pain!

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