Violentine’s Day Make-up

Currently Listening To: “Violentine’s Day” -Blood on the Dance Floor


I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, but I thought up a cute little eye make-up for it. So yeah. It is also very late at night, so no natural light. Sorry for the yellow-y light…

IMG_2484 IMG_2483

It looks a bit sloppy, but I was kind of winging this and thinking it up on the spot/as I went. So, if I decide to do a whole look with it, I’m sure it’ll look a little better. (It looks much better in person, I swear!)

As for what the other eye (it’s not currently done) I’m just painting the whole thing a pinky-red color (maybe a few bloody drops, maybe)

make-up Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer

Wet N Wild Coloricon & L.A.Colors Jumbo White Eyeliners

Hard Candy Fierce Effects -Lost & Found

L.A.Colors Bold Eyes Palette – CP123 Striking

L.A.Colors Palette – EP42 Wildflowers

elf Blending brush & Angled Brush (The angled brush is pretty decent quality)

Double Ended Eye Brush

(not pictured/used right now) Wet N Wild Mega Protein Mascara & L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara


This is going to get confusing…. Bear with me!

  • I put the primer all over my lid, up to brow bone.
  • I covered my entire lid, up to brow bone, with the jumbo white eyeliner (I finally got a more reasonably sized one for this job)
  • I used the Wet N Wild eyeliner to add the bleeding marks of the heart.
  • Cover entire lid in pink. Leave a small section of white liner alone for the red.
  • Draw a heart on the end with the red shadow (I used the bold eyes palette first, but it matched too closely to the pink, so I put the wildflowers palette over top) I used the angled brush because it was a little more precise than my double ended one.
  • Follow the “bleeding” white liner with the red shadow. I also added a little bleeding to the inner corner.
  • Then use the red shadow like eyeliner and line the top of your eye from the outer edge to about the middle. Also use it under your eye to line the bottom.
  • I used my blending brush to slightly blend the one side of the heart into the pink. ( I think it looks like it exploded on that side, it’s cool. :3)
  • I then used a cotton swab to add blood drops/splatters. I wanted it to look a little more splatter-y.
  • Put on mascara (which I didn’t do because I’m taking this off already). I’d put on my mega protein mascara, then my Miss Manga. (it makes it easier to take the Miss manga off and it makes my lashes extra long)


I think it looks neat (albeit a little sloppy) and it’s fun.

I just got the perfect hair clips for a Violentine’s Day OOTD from my tutor. She’s too cool. :3


She makes these hair clips and such and she told me it’s hard to find creepy things for clips. xD This is the kind of Valentine’s Day gift I like.  So one (or both c;) of these will be in an OOTD tomorrow. 


I hope you guys have a fun Valentine’s Day tomorrow. :3 

Leave a comment below or say hi. Bye guys! :3


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


5 thoughts on “Violentine’s Day Make-up

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  2. I love extreme holiday themed looks. Yours came out really cool!

    I also wanted to let you know that I think you’d be a great writer for Carpe Nocturne, the dark culture magazine. You’re very knowledgeable about fashion and you don’t shy away from giving your opinion. The magazine can always use more help. My friend Michael is one of the editors and his email is Shoot him an email if you’re interested. 🙂 I write about fashion and music, but there are a bunch of different topics in the mag, like literature, film, etc.

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