(Very Late) Violentine’s Day OOTD

Currently Listening To: “My Crush Was A Monster Boy” -Gumi


This is so late. I got called into work on Saturday, so I didn’t get to any pictures. I did do a quick (shitty) little OOTD by myself. If y’all really want to see that one, it’s on my Facebook. It was just a quick one I did just so that I had something up. 

And I just slept all day on Sunday, soo….

I’m also going to make a list of my favorite Violentine’s Day-y songs.

I asked my sister twice if she’d do this for me, but she’s still being all butthurt from when I asked my mom to do it one day instead of her. So, my mom did do these for me.  The first set of pictures we took are sort of bloopers. You’ll see. The second set hasn’t decapitated me.

IMG_2515 IMG_2516 IMG_2517 IMG_2520

The first picture came out alright (and so did the one of my make-up), but I think when I told her to touch the screen to focus it, it got switched to the “square” option instead of “picture”. We couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t get my whole body in the picture, until I saw it had gotten changed to “square”.

I changed the eye I wanted the heart on, because my bangs would have covered it. I also added red and pink lipstick. Red in the middle blended out into the pink on the edges. c: 

IMG_2522 IMG_2524

Pictures I re-did. (Second set)

I thought a skater dress would be perfect for this, but I sadly don’t have one (I’m still searching for one). So I kind of made my own with my black skirt and a tank top. Let’s just pretend it’s all one piece. ^.^”

This is more of a fun look than a serious night out look. I prefer fun looks. ^.~

Also, blooper.


After I figured out the picture option had changed, I was laughing so hard.

Me: You do know what we have to do now right?

Mom: ….. xD

Me: Retake these pictures. x’D

I was laughing so hard, so I had to turn around for a minute because I couldn’t keep a straight face for the pictures. This was taken when I was turning back around.



Skull & Heart Clips: Gift from my tutor

Dragon Heart Necklace: Spencer’s

Tank Top: Walmart

Skirt: Goodwill

Spider Fingerless Gloves: Claire’s

Bleeding Hearts Knee-High Socks: Claire’s

Red Chunky Boots: Thrifted

The Black rose was from my mom one Halloween, years ago.

IMG_2526 IMG_2527 IMG_2528

Random pictures I took after. 

I know this is late, sorry! Did you guys have a fun Violentine’s Day? I watched my mom and do get their taxes done. Woo, fun day xD

My favorite Violentine’s Day-y (love-y) songs….

Violentine’s Day -Blood on the Dance Floor

I’m in Love with a Killer -Jeffree Star

My Crush Was A Monster Boy -Gumi

Prisoner -Jeffree Star

Bewitched -Blood on the Dance Floor

Valentine’s Doom -Snow White’s Poison Bite

Mortician’s Daughter -Black Veil Brides


I hope you guys enjoy. Leave a comment below, say hi, or add more more songs to the list. ^.~



Happy Valentine’s Day guys. ❤

SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


3 thoughts on “(Very Late) Violentine’s Day OOTD

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens says:

    Ok this is gonna sound so random but meh whatever YOU’RE HAIR IS LIKE OMG ASSGANJEDJNEN ITS SO COOL!! ^_^
    Like, is it permanent? I have incredibly dark hair, and one day I tried putting red purple and blue in it but it was a fricking mess. I had to wear a coat in class because I got the stuff everywhere (my chair was a rainbow). Teacher was all “why you wearing a coat?” And I was all “girl problems?” WHYYY AM I SO AWKWARD
    Whoa this comment went all tangential. Oops!
    Anyway yeah so like. Yeah. Love the hair 🙂 it looks amazing

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      Haha, thank you!
      I believe it’s semi permanent. I used Beyond the Zone Raspberry and Huckleberry. (I prefer Manic Panic when I have to dye it myself, but hey it’s a Christmas gift). It’s more permanent when I can actually go and get it done professionally. c:
      Girl problems! Oh my gods, I love that! xD This totally made my day!

      Liked by 1 person

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