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I just finished these arm warmers/fingerless gloves. 

IMG_2540 IMG_2544

Took me two days to finish them. These are the sleeves that I cut off a cute dead couple shirt (the shirt is a kid’s and the sleeves were too short/tight for my arms) and they were in my thrift haul look book. I decided to finally hem them and add elastic to keep them up and make them look more “done”. I had been going through all my lace and looking for ideas and decided to make these into a great accessory for my Goth Lolita outfits.

I had to hand sew everything. The lace, the hemming…. it took two hours to get one glove all “laced up”. It was very calming and I just kept clicking around youtube for some Vocaloid and Nightcore and it was all good.  I listened to a lot of music that’s going into a post soon. I have several posts I need to do, but ya know, lazy (and other things come up).

I also have half-way finished a plushie bag. I just need to find some material for straps – it’s going to be a backpack. :3

IMG_2546 IMG_2547

I hand sewed this thing too x.x This was a few weeks ago, it’s just been sitting in my sewing drawer recently. It was my first attempt at zippers, lining, and just trying to sew evenly (which didn’t happen very well). 


Last thing has been a work in progress for a while now. I found a cardboard box in the burning bag (full of shit to help start our wood burning stove) and decided to just collage it and have fun.

IMG_2548 IMG_2549

I have an old drawing, shit ton of stickers, duct tape, eyeballs, lace ribbon, gems, and more on it. My little sister gave me a nerdy owl so I stuck it on my box. She also got me some gem skull stickers which I also used. I just covered this box with a lot of stuff that represents me and my interests. It currently holds my eyeshadows, because I got three more L.A.Colors palettes for Christmas and I ran out of room in my make-up organizer. 

This box may never be completely finished, because I just keep adding to it. It’s a fun never-ending craft. c:


I still have a shit ton of lace and no ideas. I really need to find something to do with it all. I was thinking a Lolita bow, but I need to look up how exactly I would sew the lace onto the sides of the bow. I don’t know. Leave some suggestions below and I may end up doing them. 😀 

Leave a comment below, say hi, or leave some lace-y DIY suggestions below!


This mess….


Taken while I was still working on the first sleeve….


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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