Lolita Bows and Stuff

Currently Listening To: “Temporary Home” -Carrie Underwood


I woke up with a massive headache. I took a short nap and it’s still here. So I finally took some Ibprofen and I’m hoping that shit kicks in soon. I need music to sew bows, so it’s gonna be a country day. I don’t think my head can take my usual loud and obnoxious music. So, yay Carrie Underwood cd!

I’ve made a Lolita bow! It took me four hours (once I start a bow, I usually can’t stop or I’ll never finish) to hand-sew everything. I wore it all around town on Thursday, because my sister had some testing Thursday and Friday. So that means, I was looking around thrift stores for about three hours for two days. I’ve decided to not do a haul. I did post pictures to my Tumblr, so if y’all really want to see the stuff I found, just head on over there.

I only wore the bow on Thursday, because I had to hairspray the thing in. I don’t have thick hair and the eyeball kept weighing the bow down the side of my head. After I hair-sprayed it, it stayed in and I didn’t take it out until I got home. I love it though. :3 I am so proud of it, not just because it’s something different, but because I now have more faith in my hand sewing. c:  The bow has held up and so has the one I made for my little sister. She saw mine and wanted one. xD


I love the cow-lick I had going on with my hair. It actually looked really cute. This bow perfectly hides my rootage! Haha.

I needed something for the middle of my sister’s bow (I haven’t figured out how to put a strap across the middle of the bow without disturbing the lace), she said she wanted candy. I had already made a lollipop necklace for her, so I went with a different kind of candy. I think it came out nicely. And, of course, it’s pink and glitters.

I am working on another one. It’s going to be put into my selling box. It’s first going to be part of an OOTD tomorrow. My eyeball bow looked so nice with the dress, so I think this bow I’m working on right now will look even better. :3 

I’m about ready to just say fuck it and not sell them online. I tried setting up a Store Envy store yesterday. It asked for my “business” address, so I typed it in. The damn thing came back saying it was an invalid address. I had this problem with Ipsy. I put in my address and it wouldn’t take the damn thing. Am I really that deep in the boondocks? I’d believe it anyway. Or they just have something against Ohio…. 

Hell I have shit against it too. Cold as fuck winter that never ends… I have friends in places like Florida, Texas, and Arizona complaining how cold it is… at 50 degrees. I just wanna beat them all with sticks, it’s fucking negative digits here. -.-” I would kill for 50’s.


How the hell did I get off topic. Anyway, there will be an OOTD up tomorrow and that’s all I know. I really have no other plans for my blog and posts. I’ve just been so tired and distant from just about everything. I’m gonna go take a purple bubble bath now and hope this headache goes away.


Leave a comment below, say hi, or let’s dress up! *parading around in her neko get-up*


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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