Yes, I Really Am Going to Talk About This

Currently Listening To: “Wet Dream War Machine” -Blood on the Dance Floor


Oh isn’t that a perfect song.

I love my boyshorts to death and still do.

I kind of forgot that when you lose weight, you not only need new skinny jeans, but also undergarments. I just realized why my boyshorts have been sliding around and bunching up at the top of my jeans. They’re too big for me now! I’m such a dumbass some days.

I actually got some new ones today (I have no problem showing y’all, but someone will inevitably end up offended, so no) and they feel so much better. *relieved sigh*

I remember needing a bathing suit one year and I didn’t have a job and my parents couldn’t afford one, so my mom took me to a thrift store. I found a cute purple-y galaxy one-piece and of course at the time, neither of us realized it was a thong one until we got home. I wore a thong bathing suit for a whole summer and it irritated the shit outta me. I didn’t like the feeling of my ass being flossed, so I never thought I’d ever get a pair of thongs.

For a little bit now I’ve been thinking about getting at least one pair, just for when I wear fishnets, because no matter how big they(fishnets) are, they end up giving me a wedge. I’ve been really contemplating this because of the bad experience with a thong bathing suit. I thought it out and decided I’d get one pair so that if I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be a total loss.

Today we went to get some dinner for tonight and I checked out the undergarments section and was looking at all the thongs and shit.  I found a really cute three pack that was marked 1.50. I wanted to be sure they were actually 1.50. There was a shit tone of these on the rack, so I assumed it wasn’t an accident that they were marked 1.50. But my mom asked one of the employees and she was nice enough to go scan them for me.

When she came back she told my mom they weren’t and she had no idea why this shit ton of them were marked as such. She called a manager and they ended up scanning another pack that actually had a 1.50 sticker on it. It rang up as not that price. So, almost the entire set up was not priced right at all. 

Whoever set up and priced that rack is in trouble I think…

Anyway, the lady and manager were so nice. They let me have the pack for 1.50. That was so nice. c:

So, if I decided I didn’t like them, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But they are quite comfy after I get the things adjusted. I like them. I will totally wear them. I still prefer boyshorts over everything.


…..Hehe, I like how meh skinny jeans feel on meh butt. ^.^ Bet my silky skirts feel fabulous. *o*


So that was my exciting day! xD How was you guys’? Opinions on ass flossers thongs?

Haha, leave a comment below, say hi, dance party, I don’t know.  

Bye guys xD


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Yes, I Really Am Going to Talk About This

  1. Sissy says:

    Bwahaha I like them on occasion, not every day but when I want a self-confidence boost or feel like dressin up for the Josh ^.^ I love the tmi-ness of your posts!


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