Exciting News!

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Lately, I take forever to find any good books in my library. I’ve read all the good ones and all that’s left are the shitty ones *coughHungerGamescough* So while I was taking an eternity finding a book, my mom was talking to the the librarian (she’s so utterly cool). I heard the librarian comment on my sister’s complexion (I agree with her). My mom says that she’s the make-up artist and I’m the bow maker. The librarian asked about my bows and I showed her the big ones I made for my sister and me. 

She asked if I sell them and I said I try. She asked if I would like to sell them at a mother/daughter day in May. The library is having some celebration of fifty years(?) for the library and it’s having vendors set up there. :3

I’m so excited! 


The only fabric I had was black and Beetlejuice-y. My mom let me look through a big box of fabrics from her mother. She said I could use anything I find. I wish I had known my grandma, she sounds so cool from all the awesome fabric I had found. 

I found a lot of antique-y and cool fabrics. Such as gold roses, a punk-y black plaid, black fabric with big pink roses, and blue fabric with stars and moons (reminded me of some Harajuku elements).  There’s much more and I’m excited to get started.


I will definitely be busy for the next couple of months. Can’t complain I’m bored xD


Leave a comment below, say hi, or anything. c: Bye!


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


3 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. How exciting! You definitely make cooler bows than most I’ve seen in stores. Now you get to share your talent with the world. I just envision your town filled with bows of all kinds. 😀

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