I’ve seen a couple youtubers I watch do this. I like the message and I would like to sit here and do it myself, as I have some shit to say to little baby goth me.



Guess who is wearing skirts and skinny jeans? 

Anyway, I want to say that the next time some asshole starts plucking your leg hairs because you don’t shave, kick him in the goddamn balls. It’s not funny and you shouldn’t have let them keep doing that to you. 

Don’t listen to the kids and teachers telling you how to dress. At least you followed the damn dress code. And please tell the teachers to back the fuck off when they say you’re not bathing yourself or washing your clothes enough. They have no right to be saying that, and you should have known that. But sadly you didn’t know or understand that. 

Also, you keep playing pretend at recess. I don’t give a fuck what your classmates are telling you, you’re still a goddamn kid and playing pretend is fucking fun. 

And, please, keep being yourself. Even when the principals and teachers disapprove. You have a right to be you and be happy. I’m proud that you didn’t stop being a little baby gothling and I’m proud of you for being able to go through all that and continue being yourself.

Guess what? You’re still quiet, you are still you even if people don’t like it, and you have a shit ton more confidence. You’re wearing skirts and shorts and really don’t give a flying fuck if you’ve shaved that week or not. You’ve just about stopped caring what others will think of your clothing choices. You’ve made it out alive.

You weren’t a bad kid, you weren’t fucked up in the head, you had the right to be happy and be yourself. I wish you had known that and told someone about the faculty and students harassing you earlier. I wish you would have known you’re a beautiful person inside and out and creative and smart and just the coolest little kid. You really were. You put up with the bullying (you really shouldn’t have) and harassment, and still kept being yourself. I know there were fleeting thoughts of if they’d stop if you were normal, but you were normal!

Stop believing those assholes, they don’t know shit. Seriously, all they cared about was image and how good they could make their school look. Also, you probably shouldn’t be paying attention to those asshat kids either. What do kids know anyway? Pssh. 

Do keep being you and learning and writing and drawing and just everything that made you happy and you. Do keep being a caring person and a good friend to your friends. Don’t let the assholes in life bring you down and force you into being something other than you. 

I’m proud of you.


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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