Showers Are Scary

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Sorry I’ve been absent >< I have been lacking on everything except tumblr and haven’t really been doing much. I’ve got plenty of bows made and almost all of them glued – minus three. It’s just been a busy week. I have been working everyday and there have been some big groups lately – I’ve been too tired and lazy after work to post.



Me the other day at work. I had stuck tape to my face and just wore it the entire time. Kids got a laugh, so I’m happy. :3 I had fun.

Some good news! I’m going back to my natural hair color of pink and green on Monday! Woo! I’m so excited and cannot wait. Gaaah, my root-age is obnoxious. I’m getting it dyed and done this once so that I will already have the bleached hair when it fades and can just keep doing it myself for a little bit. I’m saving up for something big for my little sister and I, and can’t really afford to keep dying my hair every month if I want to get enough saved by the time I need it. At least I’ll have my hair bleached once and it’ll be a while before my roots become obnoxious. I still have quite a bit of dye from Christmas left. 😮

I also have plans for my hair. A few people may know, but I’m trying to keep it a big surprise for y’all. I have been wanting to do it for a long while and I’ve finally decided to do it. Extra uber excited!

Also, one more thing…. Look at the adorable tumbler we found in the craft store here.


Hehe, Rock N Roar. :3 

I have a lot of cute tumblrs. Mostly Halloween ones. ^u^ I think these are so fun to drink out of. My mom, sister, and I get these sometimes when we find cute ones. I prefer drinking out of these not just because they’re cute, but because I’m more likely to finish my drink if there’s a straw. I tend to not finish my drinks when they’re in cups and then they turn into a watery pop mess and I hate watered down pop. >< These are just better for me.


I was going to make a post yesterday, but I had a terrible night. I took a shower and forgot my bamboo masque and I was a bubbly wet mess. I decided to just knock on the wall to try and get my mom’s attention (she never hears when you’re screaming your goddamn head off, but if you drop your shampoo she comes running to see what happened) but no one heard that, so I had to turn off everything and run to my bedroom to grab my bamboo shit. Was not fun at all. I had just gotten my hair all shampooed and hadn’t rinsed it out yet. 

So, I get back into the shower, turn back on the hot water to warm back up a bit before I rinsed my hair. I then turn off the hot and get the water cold and rinse my hair. I never felt any shampoo or anything run down my forehead, it was just BAM horrible burning pain in my eye suddenly. I was standing in a fucking cold shower for ten minutes with a washcloth up to my eye. I hate water in my eye, so I didn’t really rinse it out. After the pain subsided a little, I just put my whole face under the cold water (my eyes were closed….). It took a couple times of doing that to make the burning go away sorta. It still hurt to blink after getting out of the shower, but I feel much better today.

Showers are scary places. At least my eye is smoothed and keratin infused… 


After Monday I won’t have to worry about shampoo in my eye for a week, I have time to recover from that whole scary ordeal. It was fucking terrifying at the time. ;-;


Anyway, how’re you guys doing? Anything exciting? Or fucking terrifying? Leave a comment below, say hi, or rock n roar. :3 Hehe.


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Showers Are Scary

  1. Can’t wait to see the new hair! I’m pretty sure I know what you’re gonna do and you’re gonna rock that edgy look. I love how fearless you are when it comes to your look. Work it! 😉

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