Be Yourself….

Go check out my little sister’s newest post. I guarantee it’ll make your day. :3

Glitter Toenail Polish

Ima be like my sister for once c; and ramble….

So I’ve been thinking lately about how many people have been bullied about how they look, dressed, everything. I’m here to say that even though you may not believe me…Whoever is reading this, you’re Gorgeous, Beautiful, Handsome, Perfect the way you are. Jut because someone says you are “ugly,dumb,useless” Doesn’t mean you are, the people that say those kind of things are jealous. That’s how I think of it. I’ve been bullied before about how I dressed…I shook it off…it did cause me to like wear a bunch of make-up, but thanks to my mom and sister….sometimes, they help me remember I don’t need make-up to be pretty. Everyone is perfect in their own way. Seriously. Just because one person says something mean and it causes you to think it’s true… doesn’t mean it’s true…

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