Sometimes I Just Hate People

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So today, I went into my favorite thrift store to look around. My mom had went off to housewares like she usually does and I was roaming around the clothing. She comes back in a few minutes and tells me she found a huge basket full of Mary Kay eyeshadow squares and wanted to know if I wanted to look through it. So I followed her.

When we got there, there was a lady standing in front of the basket, she saw us because my mom had said something. She turned and saw us and just kept rummaging through the basket. So she knew I was standing there. Me being the passive fucker I am, was just kind of inching my hand into the basket, hoping she’d scoot over a little bit and let me look too. She didn’t.

Instead the lady started grabbing fistfuls of the eyeshadows, not even looking at the colors, and throwing them into her cart. I could only get a hold of one shadow at a time because it’s all I could reach. I looked at the color and set it back down in the basket because I wasn’t really sure about it. I go to grab another and she’s practically taking the shadows out of my hands. I put one down and she grabs it and throws it into her cart. 

She finally left and there were literally only five shadows left. I at least got a proper red (I finally have a red shadow! :D) and a nice purple before being left with nothing. The shadows left were pretty much neutrals and things I would never wear. They weren’t fit to be called “colors”. 



I also found that crystal that I’m going to put on a choker :3

EDIT:: The crystal just broke ;-; Goddamn it. I’m fucking tired of this day.


The thing that pisses me off, is that 1. she knew I was standing there and clearly trying to look too. 2. she didn’t even bother to let me have a chance to look. 3. that asshat didn’t even look at the goddamn colors, she was just grabbing handfuls and throwing them into her cart.

That pisses me off the most. It was a fairly large basket full of shadows and there had to be enough colors for everyone. I was really looking forward to looking through the shadows and maybe finding some cool colors to play with.

I am so pissed and disappointed and, I just wanted some colors to play with ;-;

It just ruined my entire day. 


But, my mom let me look through Goodwill and I found a gorgeous prom dress. It’s obviously not going to be used for that purpose. But it looks so beautiful and perfect for a super classy Goth outfit. It’s seriously the most gorgeous thing and it makes up for that shitty event in my favorite thrift store.


I cannot wait to incorporate this into my wardrobe. c: This totally made my day.

Plus, getting my Good Goth mystery bag in the mail didn’t hurt either :3 Hehe. 


I hope y’all are having better days than me. Let me know.

I’m really tired and my feet ache sooo bad, so I’m gonna go be a lazy ass. Byeee.


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


11 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Hate People

  1. Sissy says:

    Holy Fuck that’s a shitty thing to do. This is why I despise humanity. Although I will say that dress is gorgeous and I’m totally jealous Cx

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  2. Schnauzevoll says:

    some people are assholes but maybe she will have some allergic reaction to the shadows XD *sorry* and damn you are looking great in that dress!!

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  3. That’s when you speak loud to embarrass them. “Think you can leave some for the rest of us?” will do, or if you’re feeling extra venomous, something like “Hey lady, I know you’re probably too poor to afford full price makeup, but that doesn’t mean you can hog it all!”

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  4. I’m enjoying readin all your posts 😀 keep up the good work 😛 i have nominated you for an award on my blog 😀 🙂 xx

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  5. […] red Mary Kay shadow I managed to snag came in really handy and it’s the perfect shade. Excuse the blemishes all over the place. […]


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