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Sugar Pill shadows should be here tomorrow! Woo. :3 SO excited to start playing around with those. Of course both are black….. but one’s a super-ly sparkly black! I wanted to get a red and black, because at the time I still didn’t have an actual red eyeshadow, but both reds (I really wanted Asylum, it’s a gorgeous color) were sold out ;-; I didn’t want to yet get any obnoxious colors, because I wanted to get something that I use almost daily for my looks, rather than get something I may not use. To be honest I’d use just about every color they have, but I wanted to stick to basics for the time being.

I am also waiting, semi-patiently, hoping Jeffree Star restocks his Weirdo lipstick. I have the money stored away and am waiting.

~I just saw an email from his website and he’s restocking (almost) every fucking color besides black. Goddamn it! >< ~

Along the lines of bands and merch and shit. I still have not gotten my poster yet and I’m becoming very anxious, and frustrated, and just overall disappointed. I did grow some lady bits and send an email when I had not received any of the stuff I had ordered, after a month of waiting. A week after I got the cd and shirt, I got a reply asking if I had got it yet. I said yes, except for the poster. I still have not gotten a reply back yet. I’m really anxious and really disappointed. I do still have the email confirming I ordered and paid for it, so if it comes to it, at least I have something saying I did in fact order and pay for it.


So, to get onto a happier post (seeing as my last post left my blog in a pissy mood) I’m going to just sit and talk happy random shit in my world.

I’ve been watching Make It Pop on Nick, because it sounded cute in the previews. I really love it. Everything makes me think of k-pop bands and the one girl, Sung Hi, reminds me of the lead girl in Girl’s Generation (I’m blanking on names…). Plus, all the dancing, music, and such reminds me of Girl’s Generation as well. Except for one little dance scene, where all three girls are in plaid ~ fucking f(x) guys! Haha, I love f(x), it’s definitely my favorite girl k-pop band, and the scene was so like the music video for Rum Pum Pum Pum. Love it. Plus, the show itself is pretty fun, and I’m enjoying it. I definitely recommend it.

Speaking of tv. I know I said I’d just talk about happy shit, but I watched a really cute movie the other night. It was called “Trick ‘r Treat” and the setting for the movie was Ohio. Yeah, I don’t want to know how close the town is from here, I’ll shit my pants if it’s way too close. 

The movie made me so happy (but also fucking terrified…. it’s setting was Ohio guys…. I’m not used to this shit). It was a horror movie, it was pretty deeply rooted with Halloween superstitions and traditions…… and not fucking with with those traditions. I think it’s cute and the effects were awesome! I love when horror movies have really great effects (part of the reason why I’m not a huge fan of old horror movies….).

The plots were really great as well. I loved seeing how everything intertwined and some of the twists I was definitely not expecting. This was the first horror movie that I actually didn’t even remotely figure out the ending correctly. Really well done.

Another thing I loved is that it didn’t bullshit around, it didn’t start with a scary ass murder scene, then jump back to some boring back story for thirty minutes. It went right from the first killing and kept going. I hate when horror movies begin with some awesome gore, then jump back and make you wait through thirty minutes of boring-ass back story before getting back to the gore. It irritates me. But that could just be me, I prefer watching the gore and seeing the many different ways people can be killed. Also, organs flying all over the place is a joy. c: (I promise I’m incredibly sane in the head….)

I really recommend it to you guys. For all you Halloween nuts like me, this is a great movie to watch. I was really rooting for the little pumpkin boy ~ you don’t fuck with Halloween traditions and you definitely don’t fuck with jack-o-lanterns…..


I’ve been altering a really nice plaid skirt I found in Goodwill this week. 

This is actually the back of the skirt….. Story time!

So, this skirt was way too big for me, so I needed to take it in. I actually couldn’t take it in all the way so that it’d sit on my hips without falling down. If I had taken it all the way in, I wouldn’t have been able to egt it over my ass. I don’t even know why, but my hips are smaller than my butt…. 

Anyway, I took it in as much as I could so that it could still be pulled over my bottom. The front of the skirt has a sewn on belt, that actually kind of works. So, I used it to tighten the skirt and it worked. The only problem is that it creates a bit of a bunched up bump when it’s pulled in. So, I decided, I’d just make the front the back, so that it had the bump in the back, kind of like a bustle(?) and then I’d have a clear surface to start altering.

The chains came off a necklace I had deconstructed a long while ago ~ I was just waiting for the right thing to put them on. I also added black safety pins in a haphazardly lined, corseted looking pattern. But for my safety, and possibly others’ safety, I did sew those down.

I’m definitely not done, but I don’t have anymore inspiration (or supplies) yet. I really want to find something to cover the places where I sewed the chains on. I think it’d add a nice touch, and also hide my sewing….


Also, one last thing. Look at my gorgeous cell…. (the plate is acting as the cell wall ~ cell membrane is the fruit roll-up)


So, my tutor brought in food, and I made a cell. My little sister ate it though xD Isn’t it just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? (feel free to lie if needed…..)

She also told me about her favorite Goodwill. I have never been to this one, or knew it was out there, so I’m definitely going to check it out. I know Goodwill and I have several issues, but hey, it’s a different one. Maybe I’ll find something cool. :3 Maybe this Goodwill won’t be such an arrogant shithead.


I think that’s about it for happy things this week. I hope you guys all had happy weeks and are going to have a happy next week. ^.~ Let me know some of the happy things from your past week.

I’ll try to post again soon. Bye guys! 


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


7 thoughts on “Happy Ramblings

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Sugarpill! Adorable packaging and vibrant colors. I can’t believe there is a shadow called Asylum. 😀 The Jeffree Star lipsticks look amazing as well.

    That sucks about your poster. I had something like that happen to me when I bought Emilie Autumn’s book. It was supposed to come with a little recipe booklet and mine did not. Luckily, they were nice and sent it to me free of charge.

    I love the Trick ‘r Treat movie. The kids in the creepy masks on the school bus gave me nightmares for weeks. I thought that movie was very well done.

    I remember making a candy cell…ah, 10th grade Biology. haha For some reason, I remember putting ice cream on ours when we ate it. Strange times indeed. 😉

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  2. Such a cute skirt!!

    Liked by 1 person

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