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(Apparently there aren’t any videos for this yet…. so I’ll leave the download link here instead)


So I received my items from Dresslink.com today and have been playing around with everything and such. It’s funny, I was just thinking that an item I had ordered would look amazing with what I wore today, and then when I get home the package is there xD

SO onto the review! I will also be doing a video on my channel so that y’all can see the quality sort of in person. There will also be a post posted minutes after this one where I have my own mini fashion show with combining the items with my wardrobe (it was soo much fun :3)


First, the service was really great. The person I talked to was very patient with me and helped me understand everything. I know how hard it can be to have to deal with me because I do have some difficulties with understanding directions and such. But, the lady was very patient and nice about the whole thing. I really appreciate that. 

As for shipping and time. I placed the order on the tenth of April. It was shipped out on the fifteenth. And I just received the items today ( April 29th). It was really fast in my opinion, considering it’s coming from China. I really like how fast it  arrived. Also, the mail was not an asshat to my package (like it usually is), everything was still in very good condition and nothing was ruined or destroyed.



Everything was in plastic bags within the initial package, which I like because that’s just extra protection and makes me less anxious.

First item is a high-waisted, black, skater skirt. Find it here!

IMG_3144 IMG_3145

It’s a really nice a well made black skirt. I ordered it in a large because I’m usually a medium, and as I’ve learned Asian sizes tend to be a size smaller. I think I could have actually done a medium. The waist part is big on me and look awkward. My waist is in between 28 and 29 inches, so I did look at the sizing chart that is listed below the item, but I still sized up to be safe.  But that is my fault. I can still wear it and I definitely will be.

I like the buttons going down the front, it creates a cool effect with my blouses (which you all will see in the post after this). I love that it’s high waisted. I’ve been in a high waisted mood for a while.

The fabric feels a bit heavy, so I hope that it won’t blow up in the wind. On the website it looks cotton in the picture, but it’s actually a silky-slippery like fabric. That’s not a problem for me, I just want to note it.  It has a zipper in the back, I like my skirts to have zippers if possible. The zipper is a little stiff and it does take a bit of force to get it to zip up. That is the only kinda sucky thing. But overall, I do like it and the quality is surprisingly great. I think it’s pretty true to size, so if you’re a medium, you could probably get away with a medium.



Next is a black corset belt. Find it here!

IMG_3146 IMG_3147

This is really durable and it feels very heavy duty. It’s a one-size deal, and it fits snugly (good snugly).  It stretches and holds up really well. The belt buckles with giant velcro patches, which are really secure and have held up to me bucking and unbuckling it during me trying it on (with several outfits).

It is fake leather. The cool thing is that the laces are essentially shoelaces ~ it is more durable that way and just overall looks really cool! 

This will definitely end up being a staple in my wardrobe.

Overall the quality is great, it’s very durable, and it fits great!


Next is a spiked choker. Find it here!


I have always wanted one of these, but every time I got into Spencer’s with the intention of getting one I never end up with one. It’s like fifteen fucking dollars for one >< This one is muuuch cheaper. 

It’s really heavy and strong. The spikes are put in very well and feel very solid. It buckles with a buckle, like a dog collar. Woof. :p  This, too, is fake leather, and it smells so good ^O^ Mmmm…. Sorry, I like the smell of leather and stuff..

It fits perfectly and is just overall amazing quality.


The last thing is a lace masquerade mask. Find it here!


Sorry it’s upside down…

It’s not very practical (I can’t really wear my glasses with it) even for my wardrobe, but I’ll still wear it anyway. 

The mask is made of all lace. It’s good and a little bad. The lace is beautiful and the lace making up the mask part is pretty thick. The only kinda sucky thing is that there were a few threads  flying about – like the lace had got caught on something. That problem can be fixed easily.

The other thing is that the lace making up the tires is a thin stretchy lace. Those that wear as much lace as me probably know that stretchy lace tends to fray and the stretchy threads start to break after a while. My favorite half-fingerless gloves are made from stretchy lace and they’re sooo frayed in the palms from all the wear. That is my only concern is that eventually the lace ties will start to fray. Although, this can be fixed by just putting some tough string in place of the lace. So it’s not a big problem. I just thought I’d note that.

Overall, it is a good sturdy mask. It’s very well made. And my only bleh thing is the stretchy lace ties.

IMG_3152 IMG_3153


My overall rating of Dresslink?

The service is great, shipping is pretty fast, and the quality of the items are surprisingly great for such stellar prices! I would definitely purchase more from them in the future. If any of y’all are looking for cheap but durable clothing and accessories, I really suggest you check out Dresslink. I am truly in full support of this site. 


That is all for this post. Let me know your opinions below. vvvv

Byeee guys (until next post).


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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  1. Sissy says:

    Ahh I actually really appreciate this! I’ve been on the fence about them for a while but I think I’m going to cave and buy some Doc Martin knockoffs pretty soon

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