Bows and Updates

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I am officially selling my bows May 8th. I am in rush mode right now and that’s not good….

I just got more fabric piled on top of the stuff I actually want to do. So, I have to make the bows I want to make, and then use the fabric my mom is telling me to use because “you have to make bows little girls will like”.

Well maybe little girls like Satan. 


I am a little bitchy. Sorry.

I have to hand sew everything; fabric, lace, details….. I have a big bucket full of cut out fabric for bows that I want to get through. I have a little bit of everything in it – what I actually want to do, and what my mom is telling me to do. If I can at least get everything in the bucket sewn, I should be good.

At least May 4th is my last day of school, so I won’t have to try to do schoolwork, make bows, and go to work ~ while still getting enough sleep. I have to work this week, and I’ve been told there may be 24 tables out there this week. *drops dead* You guys may not be seeing me this week at all.

I’m taking a little break (alternating between working on bows and typing)  and decided to show you guys what’s up.


Goddamn my sister and I eat a lot of ramen…

 From the popsicle box up is full of bows. I’ve just been using empty ramen boxes to hold them for now, since we have an abundance of them.

Inside the boxes…

IMG_3192 IMG_3193IMG_3196IMG_3195IMG_3194IMG_3112IMG_3119

I also may make more skirt pins if I have time::



I also am working on some more clay pieces for the middle of some Lolita bows::


I have decided to sell the two charm bracelets I made for a set of twins (been collecting dust in my bedroom for over a year) for their birthday. But they seem to not want to really get in touch, so I’ve given up trying to get in touch and give them to them.




I know this is rushed, but I just wanted to get this out in between getting bows done ~ Just to let y’all know where I’ll be at for the next week.


That’s all. Leave a comment below, say hi, or something! 😀 

Bye guys!


SGTC F orever, 

Samm Sanity


5 thoughts on “Bows and Updates

  1. Sissy says:

    They’re so pretty! *dies from jealousness and lack of craftiness*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Schnauzevoll says:

    really looking forwards to see what you will be making in the future! these look really pretty already!

    Liked by 1 person

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