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I got one!! >:D 

I had just started watching the Death Note anime ten minutes before the lipsticks were supposed to be released, because I’m fucking brilliant. I was watching the subbed version, but it was hard to watch the clock and read subtitles. Plus the rain was making me sleepy and not able to concentrate on the screen. So I am shamelessly watching the dubbed version now! 

(I’ve also added another song to my never-ending list of anime openings and endings….)

To be honest, I’ve watched the entire Karin anime dubbed and one other one (I think Another??). I have no shame, and I don’t really care what y’all watch, as long as you’re enjoying it! Yeah, yeah, dub “sucks” and integrity and all that shit, but goddamn it I’m a lazy otaku….

Anyway, I got Weirdo! This is going to come in handy for daily life. I have two of those Halloween black lipsticks right now and I don’t wear them often because I’d have to take them with me everywhere to touch up…   I cannot wait to wear Jeffree’s lipstick! >:D


My next mission is this shirt::::


I’ve been avoiding the Blood on the Dance Floor website. They keep adding more shirts and it’s killing me ;-; I want them alll..  Plus, Razor Kiss is getting back up and going again. Gaaah….  

And, I have still received no poster or email. Soo….  

Well, if I happen to make enough next paycheck and the shirt is still there (I’ve pretty much saved enough for the surprise for my sister. Just need the last bit from this next paycheck) I will think about it more seriously. 

I have had a little setback. One of the momma cats had her babies and she’s so stupid. She hasn’t been taking care of her babies for a while, so I’m going to buy some kitten formula and shit and do it myself. I’ve been grabbing any and every mother cat we have and shoving them to the kittens and none of them will do shit. I even brought the kittens’ birth mother down there with a bowl of food ~ she ate the food and then left the babies….. I am so disappointed in all of them and I’ve let them know it.

One of the other mom cats (the camera whore that used to steal the spotlight in my OOTD pictures ><) had her babies on Mother’s day, which is really cute. But she had them somewhere we don’t know of, so I don’t know if the little fluffy ass is taking care of them, or if they’re even alive. I’m more concerned for the ones I do know of right now.


I also found out today that I passed all my OGT’s. \^u^/ 


That’s all my ramblings for now. I shall try to post again soon. I’ve been pretty lacking on my channel and here… I’m just so busy with work, plus I’m so lazy afterwards…. ;-;

Leave a comment below, say hi, or something? Uhm…. I really have no idea right now. -.-“


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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