M.I.A Again….

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Sorry I’ve been gone so long. But I am sure it’s a pretty common thing here now…. Heh.

I’ve been sick since Sunday and it sucks. I woke up Sunday with a sore throat, so I went through my usual routine of drinking lots of super carbonated drinks and rough foods ~ If you’re gonna scratch me, I’m gonna scratch your throat-y ass back. I don’t know if all you normal people do this, but I feel much better when I eat or drink something that I know will burn my sore throat, or scratch it back, because it feels so much better than just swallowing and feeling so much pain.


I was invited to one of my old friends’ graduation party. The only thing was that my throat was still sore, so I still went assuming the worse would be that I wouldn’t be able to talk very loud/much. About ten or so minutes in, we started playing badminton and I just sat down and puked all over her yard. I felt soooo bad. I mean, my throat didn’t hurt anymore after I got done, but I felt so bad. I didn’t even try to stick it out, which I feel even worse about, I ended up going home. 

Did you guys know you could puke out your nose? I sure didn’t. What a lovely discovery…

I felt much better afterward. There were no more signs of a sore throat and I didn’t feel sick at all. Hell I didn’t even feel nauseous when I puked my larynx up all over her lawn. I have no idea what even happened.

But of course, then next day I was all runny nose-y and miserable. (Did I mention the struggle of cleaning dried puke out of my nose? I know, TMI. Should be used to it by now….) Yesterday (Thursday) all I did was sleep all day. I’d wake up from a nap, walk around for a little, then go back to bed. I actually was getting tired of the stuffy house and went outside and took a quick little rest on the trampoline. I wanted some fresh air, but my head was killing me and I couldn’t even walk without it throbbing wildly. So a compromise, sleep on the trampoline.

The one day I woke up at 3 a.m. with a runny nose and a hint of a sore throat. I took some medicine, drank a big cup of water, and took a really nice hot bath. I felt a little better after the bath, but it didn’t last long, I didn’t get back to sleep fast enough and my throat was starting to tickle and my nose was just being a real asshole. It must enjoy being rubbed raw. I sure don’t.

I’m feeling a lot better today. My nose has pretty much been drained and I only have a little bit of a cough remaining. I’m so fucking thankful. ;u; I hate being sick. I hate doctors (which I successfully managed to avoid). 


I bet y’all are anxiously awaiting to hear about my thrift store adventure on Saturday. It went okay. I got a lot of lace, the perfect charm for my Tiffany doll costume – the choker part, a pair of cowboy boots for my tutor’s daughter (who is so super excited about them), and a jacket which I just finished altering for my Steampunk outfits (I will FOR SURE be doing a video tomorrow for it). The jacket would have been finished earlier, but the day that all I did was sleep, I was so sick I couldn’t do jack-shit even when I was awake – including sitting upright at my desk. I’m pretty sure sick people shouldn’t be playing with sharp objects anyway.

This is also my very late World Goth Day diy. :3 Since the actual day was full of work and tutoring. Woo. 


Before the transformation.

We got to the thrift store at 7:30. I thought it opened at eight, but it actually opened at 8:30. So we just sat in the car for a while. There was a lady there at eight and she sat down right in front of the doors. My sister and I were cracking jokes because it was cold outside and we were inside a warm car instead of sitting on a possibly incredibly filthy ground. When it got close to opening a looong line had formed in front of the store. I didn’t get out of the car until the doors actually opened. The lady who had been sitting right in front of the doors actually, literally, ran into the store. xD It was hilarious.

image_1 image_2


I had found some kick-ass combat boots, but they were only a size 7. I’m a size 8, but I like my boots to be a size 9 because I like clunky boots. It sucked so bad. :c 

But I did find some cool lace (it was hidden in a Victorian vanity set-up -which was only for a silent auction unfortunately- I didn’t even know there was anything in the jewelry box, but there it was. The original price was a dollar a piece. According to the tag it was “vintage lace”, I guess that was supposed to justify the price (i’d believe it anyway, it’s so beautiful ;o;) but I got it for 50 cents each! There’s not much of each, so I’m really not sure what to do with it. I have enough to make a choker or two, or some cuffs. The possibilities are killing me. >.<

The only other thing that happened was that I got a pair of neon green headphones. My Monster High ones are broken on one side and I needed a new pair (I fucking hate earbuds) and I found a pair of entirely neon green ones. Even the cord is green. *o* They’re amazing. I’ve been religiously listening to my music player xD

It’s almost 1 a.m, so I’m going to go take a nice bath and go to bed. I hope y’all have been having a nice week, and none of y’all are sick. I wouldn’t wish nose puke on anyone, so let’s hope none of ya have had to deal with that. ;D

Haha, let me know what y’all have been up to below. Byee guys!


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    hope you feel well again soon then! ❤ and congrats on the lace-deal 😀

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