Movie Night, Thrift, and Kittens

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Movie night woo! 


I got all of these from my library’s book sale cart for four dollars! I’ve already seen, the original Carrie, Wrong Turn, and My Bloody Valentine (I fucking love this movie the best out of this stack). My little sister is extra excited for the Saw movies I found. I wanted to grab everything they had, but I still need to get some things from my craft store tomorrow while I have a coupon. Maybe afterwards, I’ll see if there are any movies left.
They’re almost all unrated and have tons of bonus features which is extra awesome and the bloody valentine one still has all four 3D glasses in it. :3 Sooo excited! I’m also not sleeping tonight, but hey that’s the price for gooey, gory, awesomeness!!!  Who wants to come over and watch some deserving teens’ organs fly across the screen? 😀

Also, my sister’s camera whore cat brought her babies up to the porch at the beginning of the week and they’re so cute and fluffy like her.

IMG_3323 IMG_3322

So, in the beginning, we kind of had cute little lesbian mommas. The two momma cats we have were both taking care of the babies. But then, the second one decided it only wants to feed certain ones and it will meow and hiss at any others that come near it. So, we told her she has to feed and be nice to all of them, or feed none of them. Now camera hog is back to being a single momma. It’s really cute. She’s a good mother, it just takes a little bit of forcing her into the box to get her to lay down and feed them. But she is a really good mother.

There is one little kitten that’s really fluffy and looks just like it’s dad and my mom and I nicknamed it “retard.” The kitten sometimes looks like it’s high and droopy and it’s face is all smooshy and flat. We call him it lovingly. He’s just such a cute little retard. /)^.^(\

I wanted to show you guys the two things I just received today. But I will have show you guys later, because I just got out of the pool and am still kind of icky feeling. But, my tutor brought me a lovely corset-like dress (perfect for summer!) and an awesome vest that someone had obviously been Steampunk-ing up! I’ll definitely be working on that vest. It goes perfectly with my filigree skinny jeans. ^.^ Sooo excited! 
She said she found them at a garage sale and thought of me. She also said her husband though the dress was a little risque. xD Haha, it’s actually pretty tame.

I changed out of the clothes I was wearing and put it on in the library’s bathroom. It went amazingly with my spider tights! Gaaaah, I just can’t express how happy I am for both of these items! Y’all will get my excitement when you see them. They’re seriously so awesome. /);o;/)

That’s all for now. Haha, I will let y’all know how the movie night went and if I pissed my pants during it xD I hope y’all are having a good weekend! 

SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


5 thoughts on “Movie Night, Thrift, and Kittens

  1. Enjoy the awesomeness!!

    Everyone of those films are gortacila haha


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  2. Schnauzevoll says:

    baby kittiiiiiiies *_* and thats some hella lot of great movies you got! would love to do a movie night again, too

    Liked by 1 person

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