Totally Gothy Heaven Thrift Haul

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I went thrifting yesterday and today. Only because we had time to kill and today because I wanted to visit the new thrift store I found out about, again. It’s really cool. The thrift store is only for kids’/teens’ clothing and most of it is brand name. The most expensive things are $10 dollars, I haven’t seen many things over that. The lady that runs it is pretty cool too. :3 I had actually found a pair of Abbey Dawn jeans today, but they were too small for my butt ;-; Gaaaaah….

Anyway, onto the things I did find. Yesterday I went to Goodwill (the one that’s actually pretty decent) and found several cool things. My two favorite items will be very last ~ I’m so excited to have found them!

First is this raven/creepy tree belt. It looks so cute. I really needed a toned down belt to wear with more of my stuff. My Ouija belt doesn’t always look the greatest with everything.  So I found this and it’s so perfect.


Next is this Jack Skellington top. I can use all the short-sleeve tops I can xD It’s so hot out lately and wearing the same band tees all the time does eventually get boring for me. This is a very lightweight top and so awesome! In case it’s hard to see, the shirt says “I’ve grown so weary of the same old thing“. I love that font. I need that font here.


The last two things from Goodwill I’m going to save for the end. They’re my favorite from this whole haul.


From the other thrift store (I believe it’s called New4U) I found only this rotted Snow White top. This reminds me of those dead princess artworks (I cannot for the life of me remember the artist’s name). I love it, it’s gore-geous ~ haha, see what I did there? Not clever? I realized that before I even typed it. Bleh :p

It combines two of my favorite things ~ Disney princess movies and dead things xD (Also, it says “Take A Bite“)



Bonus! Here are the two things my tutor gave me. I’ve been wearing the dress religiously xD It’s so cool and perfect for Summer. The vest works perfectly with my Steampunk things. I’ve been wearing it with my white frilly blouse and either my filigree skinny jeans or my pinstripe pants.




Last, and most favorite-est are these two items!

First, a Labyrinth tee, with Bowie’s gorgeous face on it. *O* Y’all know Labyrinth is my all-time favorite movie and I love Bowie as Jareth. Just, gaaaah. I literally ran to show my mom. xD People must have thought I was nuts. I am. Nuts for Jareth  (baaaaad Samm, two terrible jokes in one post) 



And very last, is this TRIPP NYC skirt! I am so happy to have found this! I used to have two pairs of TRIPP pants from my little sister’s friends’ older sister. But I’ve somehow lost one pair…. And it was my favorite pair too :c Isn’t that just how it always is? You lose your favorite everything. (I swear I’ll cry if I lose my Labyrinth tee ;-;) 
Anyway! I have been wearing this and my Labyrinth tee for the past two days (I changed out of my dress and into the skirt and tee after buying them from Goodwill. I am not only the master of getting in and out of my clothes fast, but also a master of changing in the front seat of the car ;D)  So yeah. Haha.


Another bonus (ya know, because I don’t think y’all stalk my tumblr xD) Is my OOTD for today and obviously yesterday. I really love it! (Look at those lovely bras hanging off my chair back. I used to store those on the back handle of my bathroom door, but we had people over for a cookout and some had to use the restroom. I forgot my bras were hanging off the back door handle….. oops)



So that is it for this haul. I am super happy and excited! Last year I found an Abbey Dawn top in Goodwill, this year I find a TRIPP skirt. Wonder what I’ll find next year…..? Hmmm.

I have been having such trouble getting the will to get on here and write a post. I haven’t even been working on any of my stories lately – or much of anything really. Gaaah, I’m so lazy. >.<  But I try.

Let me know what y’all think! Have any of you guys ever found anything super awesome in thrift stores? I’d really love to know.

Byee guys!


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Totally Gothy Heaven Thrift Haul

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    sadly our thrift-like stores in germany dont carry gothy stuff at all – at least the ones i know are only carrying a handfull really worn out normal clothing XD that belt is awesome and the shirt and skirt and… well, congrats! 😀

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