Ever After High Inspired Make-up

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Been binge watching Ever After High again. I love both Monster and Ever After High, they’re really fun and perfect for me xD

Anyway, I got a big palette the other day from the thrift store (I did sanitize and alcohol and everything before I used it, don’t worry) and I’ve been watching Ever After High, so I decided to do a cute make-up look inspired by the series.


IMG_3407 IMG_3408



  • Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer
  • Hard Candy Setting Spray
  • Sugarpill “Stella” Eyeshadow
  • 88 Color Palette
  • Wet N Wild Mega Protein Mascara
  • Miss Manga Mascara
  • Make-up brushes….. duh xD


eah make-up


1). Smear that primer all over your eyes. (I do my eyes one at a time.)

2). Use the pink (circled above) in the corner of the eye. I usually just spread it out further than I need it, just to make sure I don’t end up having a gap between colors when blending…

3). I used the dark purple (heart shaped one) next to the pink. Again, I spread it further than needed.

4). I didn’t like how the color looked, so I added the light purple (circle) over top.

5). I used Sugarpill’s “Stella” at the end and overlapped it over the purple and pink. I didn’t go heavy on it, so not much sparkle…

6). Blend that shit out. 

7). I also added pink shadow to the under corner, the dark purple in the middle under my eye, and black to the under of the end corner. To match the top. :3 And yes blend that too….

8). I sprayed the setting spray on before my mascara. (I found out Hard Candy has a setting spray, so I got it the other day to try out and it works very well c:)

9). I applied my Maga Protein mascara. Wait a moment. Apply Miss Manga mascara on top of that. (personal preference. I wanted princess lashes and putting my mega protein mascara on first makes it easier to get the Miss Manga off. I hate waterproof shit)

Now you’re fabulous. xD


IMG_3402 IMG_3399IMG_3404 IMG_3403

Again, excuse my face ~ I’m really lazy at the end of the day to wash my face. It’s a miracle I even remember to take this off at the end of the day.

What do you guys think? I really like it and am wearing it to work. That’s usually the only time I ever wear make-up because it’s the only time that I have all the time in the world to do my make-up. 

Anyway, I’m loving this :3

Leave a comment below, say hi, or just….. I don’t even know….. talk??

Haha, bye guys!


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Ever After High Inspired Make-up

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    like this look on you – i would not be able to pull off pinkish eyeshadow (well, at least not with my current hair color O_O)

    Liked by 1 person

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