DIY: Shorts and Legwarmers (+ 200 followers!)

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I’ve been diy-ing a lot lately and doing fun make-up, so lots of diy’s and make-up posts to come. Heh, hope you guys don’t mind.

Also, yesterday I reached 200 followers. c: I’m so happy! I love seeing that people actually enjoy what I have to say and do here. I’m really grateful. (does this mean no more Liebster awards….? :c Gaah, those are always fun) I’m just so happy! I really do appreciate y’all!


Onto the DIY! >:D

So, yesterday I went into the thrift store for the purpose of getting shorts. I only have one pair that fits. The rest are from when I was a size 14. >< I don’t think anyone at work would appreciate my shorts falling off every time I fucking move >< So, I looked through the shorts and pants and found two pairs of pants that I’ve made into shorts. The first pair was a pair of black high-waisted-ish jeans (those are what I’m using for this) and the other are a grey-ish color with filigree prints on the butt pockets.


Materials Needed:

  • Pair of pants
  • Sewing supplies
  • Scissors
  • Chains (optional)
  • Safety pins (optional)
  • Suspenders
  • Ribbon (I used some old garter straps)
  • Some kind of hook (again, I used old garter straps)


1). Measure how long you want your shorts. Cut them. Keep the pant legs. Hem the shorts.

IMG_35072). Take ribbon (or in my case discarded garter straps) and cut a piece to make into a loop. Sew it to the inside of the shorts~ close to the bottom, but high enough to be hidden. I only did the front two legs, but feel free to do one in front and back of both legs.

3). Take your suspenders and take them apart. I took mine completely apart and then measured how long I wanted the straps to be.

4). If the suspenders’ clips aren’t already attached to the straps, sew them on. Mine already had one attached. The other one I had to sew to it.

5). To attach it to the pants, I took the garter straps and took off the hook and sewed it to the suspender strap.

6). For the pant legs. Find the end that fits comfortably over your knee/thigh/however high you want it. The end will be the part that the suspenders clip on to. For mine, it was the bottom of the pant leg that fit best. If neither end fits well, you could always sew in some elastic/cut and re-hem side. 

7). Hem the raw end of the pant leg. I personally didn’t because it looked neat raw. But it may help lengthen the wear time of the pants. (I’ll eventually hem them)

8). Hook suspenders through the hoop in shorts and clip to pant legs and Bam! You’re done. Optionally, you could decorate the legs as you please.








I found a pvc-ish detachable purse handle at the thrift store and have been wearing it around on these shorts too. It looks awesome!

I am in love with these shorts. I’ve been wearing them so much, I haven’t even hemmed the other pair of shorts yet. >< Luckily, I have all tomorrow off and will be working on all my diy projects. So, expect more diy posts (and make-up posts) in the future. I will also have a small haul sometime next week. I kind of splurged a little (it’s all under $80, which I usually wouldn’t do that much ><).

Anyway. I will also make a post updating y’all when my diy’s are complete. c: So yay! Productivity! 😀

Let me know what you guys think below! I shall have a post up tomorrow, hopefully. c:



SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “DIY: Shorts and Legwarmers (+ 200 followers!)

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    definitely love seeing your diys! makes me want to order my desk right now so i can join the fun! and major congrats on 200 followers O_O ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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