Dark Faerie Make-up

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Told you guys I’d be back with more faerie make-up…. I really, really like this one though c:

IMG_3511 IMG_3513 IMG_3514 IMG_3515

Materials Needed/Used::

  • IMG_3523 Eyeshadow Primer (Hard Candy)
  • Setting Spray (Hard Candy)
  • Purple-y/pink eyeshadow (L.A.Colors Palette)
  • Black Eyeshadow (Sugarpill “Bulletproof”)
  • Glitter Black Eyeshadow (Sugarpill “Stella”)
  • Glitter Purple Eyeshadow (Hard Candy Fierce Effects “Hide and Seek”)
  • Black Eyeliner (Felt- Palladio ~ Liquid- Rimmel London)
  • Glitter Black Eyeliner (Hard Candy)
  • Mascara (Wet N Wild Mega Protein ~ Miss Manga)
  • Glitter Mascara/Lash Tinsel (Hard Candy)
  • Make-up brushes….. duh


faerie1). Smear primer all over eyes. I also spread it out past my one eye (the one with faerie wing) just as extra assurance.

2). Use purple-y/pink eyeshadow (rectangle-ed) and put that on the inner corner of your eyes.

3). Use plain black eyeshadow on center of eye. Blend into the purple-y. I also added a glittery purple on top of the plain black, because the black was pissing me off and not being black enough. So it adds a cool purple sheen. I like it c:

5). Draw faerie wing coming out of outer corner of one (or both if you’d like) eye with eyeliner. I used liquid black. (I know mine looks like shit…. hush) I also used the glitter black eyeliner to add little glitter highlights to the wing.

6). Put glitter black eyeshadow on the outer corner of eye and blend into plain black. I only went slightly above the crease this time. I also added the glittery purple on top of the plain black, becuase the black was pissing me off and not being black enough. So it adds a cool purple sheen.

7). For the other eye, I did all the same eyeshadow and wasn’t planning on anything. But some of the Stella shadow fell onto my cheek and that shit is so hard to get off without whipping out some make-up remover. So, I just blended it out and to the bottom of my eye. I also took the glitter liner and made several quick lines on top of the blended/fallen shadow and then took my brush and blended the lines out slightly. It looks so flipping cool!

8). For my eyebrows, I just used my felt-tipped liner and made lots of dots outlining my brows. Again, I made the biggest dots where my brow arches and ends.

9). I first applied a layer of my protein mascara. Wait to dry. Applied a good layer of Miss Manga mascara. Wait. Apply glitter mascara/lash tinsel. I used three mascaras, only because the Miss Manga is easier to get off if I have a layer of my protein mascara under it. And I wanted my lashes to sparkle… like a faerie….

10). Setting spray.

IMG_3516 IMG_3519 IMG_3520 IMG_3517 IMG_3521 IMG_3522


I also faux-hawked up my hair just because it looks really cute to finish my dark faerie make-up. :3 This is the first time in a while using my hair wax again xD Plus lots of hair spray. And lots of hair teasing. Oh my gods, the fucking teasing ;-; What have I fucking done to my hair??  Good thing hair washing day is Sunday….

Heh, ignore my sudden realization of what I put my hair through. ~I rarely straighten it anymore because I’ve been losing my shit over my hair’s health. I take care of it, but for some reason I’ve been extra scared to do anything to it. I don’t know why.


What do you guys think? I really like this one. ^u^ The wing came out pretty cool!

Byeee guys!


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


3 thoughts on “Dark Faerie Make-up

  1. shikenkan says:

    Ah I remember Jack off Jill, are you a fan of old school goth rock such as The Cure or The Sisters of Mercy?

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