Make Up: The Fae

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This is based off of a Creepypasta that I had been listening to before I went into work (a long while back….. I’m so late with this). 
The pasta is called “The Fae” and it is essentially a darker and more gruesome version of many mischievous/dark faerie folklore. I really enjoyed it.

I really love this lovely lady’s videos, she has the most beautiful and soothing voice. It makes it more fun to listen to Creepypastas.


Items Needed/Used:

  • Eyeshadow Primer(Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer)
  • Setting Spray (Hard Candy Setting Spray)
  • Black Eyeshadow (Sugarpill “Bulletproof”)
  • Dark green & light green eyeshadow (Both greens from big palette) 
  • Black Eyeliner (I can’t even remember which one I used now….)
  • Optional:: Black Glitter eyeliner (Hard Candy Glitter liner)
  • Mascara (Wet N Wild Mega Protein and one of the Miss Mangas…)


1). Smear primer all over eyes and under them. 

2). Start with the dark green eyeshadow and make an “eye” circle on your eyelid.

3). Fill in the rest of eye and above the crease with black. I did this little layer by little layer, so as not to have black falling into the green and under eye. I also did this next so that if I did happen to get black in the green, the light green would cover it up.

4). Add light (neon) green eyeshadow over top of the dark green. I was just trying to add some depth and more realism to it.

5). Make fake bottom lashes (like claws scratching your face…) with the eyeliner. I used liquid, so I smudged the eyeliner near my eye with a cotton swab. I also added a few sparkle eyeliner lashes and smudged those too.

6).Add some black eyeshadow under eye.

7). Setting spray.

8). Mascara. I used the Mega Protein under my Miss  Manga ~ for easy clean up and extra long lashes.


And that’s the finished look. I really liked this one. I made it look like “The Fae”s green eyes, but I decided to make it darker by having the black around the eyeball instead of white. The long eyeliner lashes is to mimic their long scratching toes. It’s pretty simple. c:

IMG_3547 IMG_3546 IMG_3545 IMG_3544


I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know your thoughts below. Maybe give me a story or pasta and I’ll use that as inspiration for my next make-up look. c: These are quite fun.

I shall try to talk to y’all later. Bye!


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


5 thoughts on “Make Up: The Fae

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    that looks like some black bird in the sun ❤ beautiful eyemakeup!

    Liked by 1 person

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