Rant…. Rant…. Rant…

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Yeah two posts in one day… but I am so pissed and shit and I just need to get it off my chest. It just happened like five minutes ago and yeah…


I just got back inside from letting my kittens run and play around outside. I decided since we got home so early and it was still light out that I’d let them roam around outside one more time (I usually bring them inside for their night feeding).

I occasionally go out and check on them, because they’re all little troublemakers and get into shit they shouldn’t. So I went outside to check on them and I ended up going around to the back of the house because they all like to run around back and play in the tufts of tall grass scattered around trees. 

I could hear the neighbors mowing their lawn and shit. I also heard like beeping, so I thought it was someone going down the road and beeping their fucking horn at someone. I turn around and squint through all the trees (as I’ve stated before, my house is completely surrounded by trees and forest) to see one of the neighbors riding  way too close to the barb wire fence on their lawn mower. I don’t have my glasses on so all I see is a fuzzy shadow of a person riding a lawn mower. I hear the beeping again and realize it’s coming from them. I had stopped to watch the lawn mower go by, but when I stopped, it stopped and beeped again.

I should have thrown up a couple of fingers……

To explain why this pissed me off is that I was not wearing a shirt. I had taken off all my clothes when I got home (as I always do) and usually just walk around in my underwear. Thank the gods I at least put on a pair of shorts before I went out or I probably would have heard waaay more beeping……

I was so pissed and a little frightened. I ran back inside and told my mom and had to put on a shirt. She also told me to gather up the kittens and put them back in their cage. I didn’t see or hear the awn mower when I went back out, I was a little nervous still. I yell out “Babies!” to the kittens because they’re smart and most of them come running to it, I was kind of nervous about yelling it because I thought whoever was on that lawn mower would hear and come back. 

I am so fucking pissed. I’ve always walked around outside halfway naked because we’re surrounded by so much forest and shit and no one even knows we exist out here (except maybe for when I yell at all my cats for being little shits). It makes me wander if they’ve been watching me other times. It’s a scary thought, because I’ve been outside on some occasions in nothing but my boyshorts. I was just out there the other day like that throwing out a bag full of kitten shit (they shit a lot……)

Now I can’t even walk around my own home freely. I hate wearing clothes when it’s this hot and sticky out. Which is also why I didn’t have my glasses on, my nose and glasses piece get really sweaty and nasty in this heat. I also don’t want kitten fur or shit all over my clothes, so I just don’t wear any that way all I have to do is clean up myself if need be. 

I’m just glad I had my bra and shorts on. The bra is usually the first thing to go. Bras are so fucking bad about being sweaty as all fuck. Any of you girls get me? Seriously, they’re like incubators that keep in the sweat…

Mini little bra rant aside….. 

I am just so mad and disgusted. Why in Hades would anyone do that? We are surrounded by forest for a reason….. *cough*mydadhatesneighborsandwantshisprivacy*cough*  I’m just pissed.

So now I have to wear clothes 24/7 if I go outside, which sucks in Summer. But, I would feel much more comfortable knowing no one is being a little ball of shit and honking at topless girls…..

Anyway, I just needed to get this off my chest and just rant. Thanks to anyone who listened. c:

Bye guys.


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


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