Just Talking (Kind of old….)

~Shit, I thought I posted this xD Over a month old…. Ah well, I’ll just add to it~

Currently Listening To: “Sippy Cup” -Melanie Martinez



~>New Stuff……

I’ve been obsessed with this song and the music video since it was posted. ><

I’ve been having the worst difficulties with my phone. First if all, I haven’t been able to turn it off for over a week. The button to do so acts like it’s stuck in the down position. I can’t push it down any further to turn off my phone and I tried to gently pull it back up with my jewelry pliers and nothing…

This also links (I think) into the other problem I’ve been having. I cannot get my pictures and videos to transfer to my computer. I have two videos I need to get on here and a few photos and it’s frustrating. Usually when I plug my phone into here, a file opens up automatically with all my photos and videos. It hasn’t been doing that since I haven’t been able to turn off my phone. I can email the photos to myself. But when I try to email the videos I keep getting a message saying my videos are too long to email myself. I believe the longest videos it will send without that error message popping up is one minute… -.-“

It sucks so bad, I like to turn my phone off at bedtime and once or twice during the week to give it a rest. It’s been on for over a week and it’s starting to piss me off. >.< I don’t know what to do or how to fix it. I’m not a smartphone kind of person. I prefer my slide phone and computer  x.x|| Help me…. ;-;

I’ve gotten all my newest Halloween additions (one of said videos stuck on my phone) set up and situated. I cleaned up my shelf and got everything all pretty ^u^ I’ve also been decorating my coffin boxes and plan to get another set. (once I can get photos emailed, I will show you guys in another post today possibly)

I just went back to school shopping and was planning to do a post on the clothes…. but again, phone’s being an ass, so I haven’t even tried to take any pictures yet. Plus, most of it is just new boyshorts/thongs and new bras. (I went down another size… 34A now. >.< I kind of miss my C’s….)  I was having trouble finding any 32Bs. The one bra I really wanted (it has lace-y skulls on it 0u0), the only small size they had left was 34A, so I tried that on after twenty minutes of anxiety ridden searching for any B’s. But a 34A fit so much better than the 32B. My 32B bras were loose fitting already and I just bought them a little bit ago. So yeah, I’m glad I have a proper fitting bra now. I even did all the tests in the fitting room (my sister gave me a look when I said this ~ she didn’t know there were fitting tests xD)

I went during the tax-free holiday weekend, so I assume all the skinny bitches (this is not meant as an insult, it’s meant playfully… calm all your tits) cleaned out the bra section. A lot of C’s and D’s were all that were left. But I did manage to find a set of black and neon green thongs clearanced out. Super happy about that one ^u^


~>(waaaaay) Older Stuff….

Hey guys. Just thought I’d sit here and ramble about all the things that aren’t enough for separate posts on their own and that I haven’t talked about since my diy and make-up kick.

The other day at the store, my mom and I were getting a cart and we saw a kid about my size crawling into a cart. Then once he was in the cart, he had to lean back out so that the dad could bring the back of the cart back down (y’all know what I mean, right? walmart’s carts?) Anyway, my mom gave me a questioning glance and I just shrugged. She asked me if the kid was a little too big to be crawling into the cart (considering he had to lean back out of the cart just so it could be shut…). We were just having this quiet conversation, we weren’t being assholes or anything, my mom was just genuinely curious (again, considering the kid had to flipping lean right back out of the goddamn cart). We weren’t even talking all that loud and some lady whips around and gets all bitchy with my mom saying “It’s called Autism!”

At the time I didn’t even understand what she had just said, because her accent was too thick, but my mom did. I was mad when my mom told me what she had said.

That lady haaad to be eavesdropping. She was nowhere around us and we were fucking whispering. And another thing ~ don’t you fucking talk to my mom like that.  She knows very well what Autism is and you have no right to be getting bitchy with her when she was just asking ME a fucking question ~ In. Fucking.  PRIVATE. Goddamn….

Yes, I was pissed off for the rest of the day.


I also had a big scare with my dick kitten roommates the other night. One of them had a seizure and the rest were covered in shit, and piss, and vomit and so scared. I was so scared at the time and just crying so much. I thought the poor thing was dying and stiffening up because it was like twitching and flopping around. It was so scary. I did not have a good night. The next morning (I ended up locking myself out of the house going to check on them) I went outside to check on them and all of them were running around being little terrors to the big cats outside. The one that had a seizure was okay and just sitting in the middle of the porch. When she did walk she was a little wobbly, but after 2-3 days she’s walking just fine again and playing along with the others.

Now they’re all outside (I miss my kitten roommates ~ although I don’t miss waking up to the smell of shit in the morning) and they’re all feeling so much better. It’s been a few days since it happened and the’re all back to being little assholes and full of energy (especially my little baby, Rebel).


As for make-up posts, I’ve decided I may just compile a week’s worth of looks into one post and only explain how I did it if necessary. Plus, I’m not a beauty kind of blog, and I don’t even know what I’m doing. I just started doing them because I liked my make-up that day. So, instead of beauty-blog-like posts, I’m just going to list all the looks in one post and explain if necessary. Maybe the smae for OOTD’s, which have kind of just moved to my Tumblr…. Although I haven’t been posting on there either….



That’s it for now. Um, let me know what’s going on in your worlds, below. c: I shall talk to you soon. Bye!! *waves*


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Just Talking (Kind of old….)

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    did you loose weight or why are they getting smaller? o_O and well, maaaaybe they will grow again somehow 🙂 plus, that woman maybe has been hurt very often and that agressive reaction is her way to not get hurt so much… dont know… i had a phase when i also was reacting quite agressive to people who were ‘staring’ in whatever way at me…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      I was trying to, but I haven’t been trying all that hard lately and haven’t lost any substantial amount of weight, so I have no idea xD
      I can understand that. I was just pissed with the way she had talked to my mother. I get very defensive about that sort of thing ^.^”


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