Fashion Show ~ Numbe….. er… Back To School Edition!

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I plugged in my phone today and a file popped up! Woo! I was finally able to transfer two videos to my computer and will be uploading one soon. c: 

I also got several photos as well (after emailing myself several of them….. -.-) So I will be getting posts done and ready to go!

Today I am going to do a fashion show for back to school. I went shopping, and I’ll show you what I got later. I am also including anything I got thrifting during this time.  I’m going to do this in two parts. This part is more dress code acceptable. I’m using my old dress code as reference. ~

I’ll let you guys know which items were purchased from back to school shopping/thrifting.

Onto the mass amount of pictures!


Back To School Item(s):: Skirt. This skirt was originally a dress I bought from the thrift store, but I reeeeally hated the top portion. So I cut off the top and kept the bottom as a skirt. I don’t see a problem with this outfit being in any way inappropriate. I am wearing a fingertip length skirt (as shown above), a blouse, thigh highs, and a corset. Everything is covered completely, so I think you could get away with this in school.


Back To School Item(s):: Shirt, Socks, Necklace.  So, it’s a knee-high kind of year for me xD All the thrift stores have had mass amounts of knee-highs for some reason. I got three pairs (coincidentally enough, my mom paid for all three) from two different places. ^u^ The skirt is again fingertip length and the shirt is appropriate. (It says “Creature of the Night” for anyone wondering)  The shoes are a pair of my psycho killer doll shoes, and the necklace is a cute skull ~ depending on codes the skull could be considered against it..

(sorry about the cord, I had just plugged in my phone and the file popped up, so I didn’t want to chance the possibility of it never happening again)

IMG_3670 IMG_3671

Back To School Item(s):: Socks. Had a super difficult time finding something to pair with these socks >< Gaah. So I went with a high-waisted skirt and my mad hatter tee. The skirt is fingertip length and the shirt is appropriate. I am wearing (my favooorite) combat boots, which I would assume would be fine.

IMG_3672 IMG_3673 IMG_3674 IMG_3675

Back To School Item(s):: Tank top, socks, lace top. Technically, this top isn’t appropriate according to dress codes. All of my old dress codes said “two finger wide straps”. So, to fix said problem. Sleeveless jacket, another shirt-like-thing on top. (or the smartass option) another tank top on top. My two tops, plus bra straps equals two finger widths xD  Depending on where I wear my skirt, it can be finger length. Oh lookie, the skirt from last year’s back to school post. 


Back To School Item(s):: Tank top. So, I’m not sure about the ripped shirt underneath. I’ve heard dress codes saying things about ripped and shredded clothes, but I don’t know. (hell, dumb girls where those uber outrageously expensive ripped jeans -which you could buy from a thrift store and rip up your fucking self- so…) I am wearing (my soon to be bondage) pants and combat boots. Not sure about how “graphic” the necklace may be. It’s a dead girl with her tits almost popping out of her too small corset top….. Hmm… I mean her tits are still covered soooo…


Back To School Item(s):: Lace top, belt. So, this obviously isn’t dress code appropriate, but this is another idea (using an actual shirt). I am wearing ripped skinny jeans (which I bought for four dollars and ripped up my self! Fucking stupid as shit girls), studded belt, and combat boots… which I didn’t bother to put on. Replace the top with one that is appropriate and there ya go! 


So that’s all for now. Half my clothes were dirty during this (and I did indeed pull some out of the dirty for this), so there may be some more dress code appropriate outfits in with the not so appropriate ones. So look out for that one! Haha.

Let me know what you guys think c:  Give me your ideas below. Also! Tell me about some of the most stupid dress code rules you had/have in school. I would looove to hear them xD Some of them are just downright ridiculous. (and sexist)

Anyway, I shall try to post more often *she says every time but never does* and I shall see you guys later!



SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity


4 thoughts on “Fashion Show ~ Numbe….. er… Back To School Edition!

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    i dont think there was a dresscode when i went to school… and if there were noone took care of them XD im sure you can fix the thin straps! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      Lucky! Even when I tried to follow the dress code in school, I still ended up with faculty accusing me of breaking one rule or another. (But there were still girls roaming the halls with thongs hanging out of their obviously too short shorts….)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hazel says:

    I like the creature of the night top it’s so cute!

    When I was in secondary school, a long time ago, there was a ban on leather jackets. I had a fake pvc leather jacket from New Look and I had several teachers commenting on it. I had to show them labels showing it was not real leather. I loved how I looked accidentally rebellious.

    Liked by 1 person

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