Alice Cooper CD Cover Inspired DIY

Currently Listening To: “This Maniac’s In Love With You” -Alice Cooper


So hey there. Yup. Another DIY. I hope you guys aren’t sick of them yet…. I honestly don’t have anything going on to talk about. Sooo, yeah. ^^”

It’s actually storming as I’m writing this. Haha. It’s very soothing, but I still need to get my rear end into the shower. >< Gaaah, if I didn’t need to wash my hair, I’d just soak in a bath and listen to the rain.

Anyway, I remembered my mom’s Alice Cooper CD cover wrong (I could have sworn the pants were corseted, not buckled ><), but I still ended up with some cool shorts anyway. c: I was listening to this the entire time I was making the shorts. So much nostalgia *u*



IMG_3754Materials Needed/Used::

  • Shorts. I used a pair of fake leather-y, tight, pants and cut them into shorts. I would suggest using a size smaller. I had to re-do half of the corseting because the pants fit well… so I had to take off more fabric to create the effect I wanted.
  • Grommets. I actually took the strip of grommets off a leather skirt I had bought (too damn long…. I’m short). But you can always just put grommets right into the shorts.
  • Basic Sewing Supplies. Or a sewing machine that flipping works… -.-” Pliers are pictured because well… have you ever tried to sew leather? Pliers help to get the needle through the fabric. (the skirt the grommets came from was genuine leather)
  • Decorations. I didn’t want to use the studs I had. I’m going to try to get some nice long spikes online and use those later.
  • Ribbon/Cord/String. Something to lace up your shorts.


IMG_37481). {For me personally} Cut pants into shorts.

2). Cut out a strip of your pants on both sides. I did one side at a time, to make it easier.


3). My grommets came off of a leather skirt, so all I had to do was line up the fabric and grommets. <~Pin the shorts and grommets together. Or just put in the grommets yourself. (Don’t really know how to describe this >.<“)

3.5). {For me personally} Sew the shorts to the grommet piece and hem it while doing that.

IMG_3749 IMG_3751IMG_3750

4). After putting on your grommets, put on the pants and lace up the side. I find it helps to wear a belt to keep the shorts in place while you lace them up. I had to do this to both sides. (then redo one side because it didn’t create the effect I wanted….. the side I had to redo is shown below before being redone)

IMG_3744 IMG_3746

5). {For me personally} Hem bottom of shorts.


Bam. You’re done!

IMG_3765 IMG_3766

You could also sew a piece of fabric to the inside of the shorts to hide your underwear, but I have no shame and didn’t really care. Plus, most of my shirts go down far enough to cover it anyway.

I’ve already worn these out and about (with and without tights underneath). I love them!! They look so cool and are just a really neat clothing item. Even if I did remember the cd cover wrong, they still came out awesome ~ I’m sure I could add buckles to these too. 

What do y’all think? c: Let me know! Would you guys wear these?


I shall talk to you guys again, soon!


~Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Alice Cooper CD Cover Inspired DIY

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    oh wow! i totally love these! i remember doing something similar with a skirt and now i am wondering why i have a pair of shorts with corset details on one of my store wishlists when diy-ing them would be much cheaper (and this time it really would be. i mean, don’t we all know those diy-projects that we could buy for 20$ in the store but end up creating on our own in hours of work and with supplies worth 50§ or more? XD)
    anyways, awesome job! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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