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I’m in a little bit better mood today, so I thought I’d post. c:

WordPress has informed me that today is my blog’s second year of existence.  I’m happy about this. All other blogs I’ve started on other platforms ended up dying fast. I’m glad to know people enjoy reading my blog and I love the interactions. I love the friends I’ve made and their blogs and just everything. I know I haven’t really been active here lately, but I have been reading everyone’s blogs. I try to comment if I’m in a better mood, like today.  (If you see a comment from me today, on a post from two weeks ago……. yeah). I’m very grateful to every one of you guys. c:


I finished the Maximum Ride book last night. I cried so much…. (Spoilers may or may not accidentally slip out, so tread carefully). I don’t know why people in hate fandom hate Dylan so much (I think he’s sweet c:), but what he did in the end and the letter he wrote for Max just broke my heart. No, I can’t handle that shit.

I also enjoyed the epilogue. It made me tear up, but for the opposite reason. It made me so happy and the feeels oh my gods. This whole book has made me have soo many feelings. I really love the Maximum Ride series and I’m sad this is the end (Unless another surprise book I have no idea about comes out. Looking at you Patterson, I was told Nevermore was the last one!) But it was a great read and I’m just so happy with how it ended. It was a good ending. *fucking tearing up thinking about it*


I also finished my skirt. You may have seen it if you gave my Tumblr a glance in the last couple of days. I’ve worn it several times already. Today I was kind of a ghost escaped from the graveyard. (I was actually coordinated guys! Minus the random Ryuk necklace) I really like the look. c:

I don’t know what happened, but when I measured the waistband around my body, before attaching it to the skirt, it fit. But after attaching it to the skirt, it didn’t fit right. So I just used safety pins to secure it ~ it totally works so I don’t mind at all. I’m just so proud of myself for hand sewing this whole thing. c:

IMG_3809 IMG_3810IMG_3811September 10 OOTD


We also ended up going back to that town that’s two hours away from us, because my dad wanted the scroll saw my mom found for him. So, we ended up in the mall and Gabriel Brother’s again. I got those Death Note socks I saw last time and a Bauhaus cd.

The man was just so happy to help me with finding (and burning) a Bauhaus cd. c: I really enjoyed his enthusiasm. When he gave me the cd he said “I put it in a purple case because it matched the artwork on the cover”. Seriously, he was awesome!

So, I now have a Bauhaus cd. It’s the one goth band I’ve been really enjoying from the long list of bands I’ve been re-listening to. I want to give them all another chance, since my music taste has changed (somewhat).

I also got a cool Hatsune Miku shirt from Gabriel’s.  The only problem is that an adult medium was the smallest they had, and the shirt is eating me alive. I don’t know whether to just take it in at the sides, or just cut out the picture and put it on another shirt. Not sure yet, but I love it. (I also snagged a cool unicorn shaped candle from there too)


I have also bought something to help with me loving myself a little more. I love the look of those really cool pvc short shorts (like these cool ones) but I obviously do not have the legs for that. But I found a pair in Spencer’s clearance boxes for four dollars and decided to get them (got a pair of cool bullet underwear for a buck too) The shorts fit great. I love them and the look of them. I’m currently gaining the confidence to wear them with the rest of my wardrobe. I like how they look with fishnets c: 

The only thing keeping me from confidently wearing something like this is because of my legs. They have an odd distribution of fat. So it looks like the shorts are waay too tight when in reality my legs have this weird, awkward shape to them that gives it the appearance of everything being too tight. The shorts do indeed fit perfectly, I can sit, walk, run, stretch, and everything without dying or being uncomfortable. I just have strange thighs…



We also went into that bath place (bath bodyworks? I think that’s the name). Anyway, I was looking for those cute bat shaped sanitizer holders. I was going to ask, but I heard one other lady asking. After the employee looked around, she answered no. So I got a boring one instead. They were having a sale of 5 sanitizers for 6 dollars. I got my little sister two and I got three Halloween-y ones. c: I found one called pumpkin cupcake and it smells like flipping heaven! Gaaaah…


I also got my Christmas tree set up. I found some cool skeleton lights in Goodwill the other day. They all work except one.  😀 I am so excited! 

IMG_3805 IMG_3806



I did send another email to the Blood on the Dance Floor help email address thingy, telling them about still not receiving the poster I ordered. They got back with me and apologized and said they’d ship it out. 

That was June 28th…. guess what I still don’t have. Plus, I went and ordered another shirt (only because they were having some event where you buy any shirt on their site and you’ll get another shirt and a cd free with it…. I got suckered into it) That was also a month ago, but I know mail is slow as fuck, so I hope it all arrives, or I’ll be pissed. 

I’ll be extra pissed about the poster, because I actually emailed them several times about it. My anxiety was sky-rocketing about emailing people, but I did it. At least the guy I bought the cd from on Ebay apologized for getting things mixed up and sent me a couple wristbands and the package arrived quickly after that. 

Plus, shit on their site is waaay expensive, plus the overly expensive shipping. If I’m paying that much (for shipping alone) I better get my shit in a timely manner. I have resolved to just buy my shit from that guy on Ebay (seriously, he has sooo much BOTDF merch from years past and newer shit too). 


Speaking of ordering shit online. c: I just bought some of Leah Mouse’s body sprays. I got Coffin Candy and Nevermore. c: I can’t wait until they get here! She’s actually just up north from me, so I hope I don’t have to wait long. :3 Super excited!


Anyway, I think that’s it. I’m just feeling a lot better today, so I decided to just babble about shit. I hope y’all don’t mind. c: 

Is there anything making you guys happy lately? Let me know, I want to share in the happy feelings. ^u^

I hope to post again soon. c:



~Samm Sanity


10 thoughts on “Hey Guys

  1. suedesunsets says:

    Love your blog so much! It’s super creative and your style is really cool. I think ou should definitely check out my blog too! I do fashion and lifestyle post. Ighink you’d like it😊


  2. 3llepalmer says:

    Completely missed this post!! WordPress didn’t send me any e-mail, oh bloody technology! Anyway, glad to read that you’re feeling better ^^ That skirt is amazing and fell in love with those skeleton lights, I’ve never seen something like that here in Italy, so I guess I should look for them on the web. Maybe Aliexpress will do a miracle once again 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hey there!
    I have tagged you in a post for the quote of the day challenge!
    read my post on it to find out more on:


    Have fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Schnauzevoll says:

    Ah well, since it has been nearly two weeks since your post i guess you dont feel good these days again? long-distance-hugs! Ordering online sadly is what i have to do with most of my things – as long as i can remember so by now i am quite used to that… hope your things have arrived or will asap!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      It’s very rare for a productive good day lately, maybe it’s just the changing of seasons. Thank you for the hugs! I always appreciate a good hug ^u^
      I’m about ready to swear off online shopping. Either it takes forever, or the mail is totally destructive with my things. Gaah.


  5. Big congrats on your second anniversary! Keeping up a blog is very hard and you do a great job. I’ve seen many bloggers crash and burn in a short amount of time.

    Love the pvc shorts and the skirt. I just got these white cat printed creepers that are keeping me smiling with the cuteness. Online ordering can suck sometimes. Now that you mention it, I’ve been waiting on a shirt from VampireFreaks for a long time…:/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      Thank you! I’ve enjoyed these couple of years, especially all the friends I’ve made. ^u^
      Those creepers sound adorable!^-^ Yes, I want to swear off ordering online, it’s just not worth it sometimes, haha.
      Oh I hope you get your shirt! D:

      Liked by 1 person

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