Psychotic Doll Make-up

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So I’m going to just keep a playlist of Halloween- songs for all these Halloween posts. Also, feel free to add any of your favorite songs below and I’ll get them onto my playlist (I listen to this while doing my make-up and costumes. It makes it more fun c:)

Speaking of costumes, I shall be taking any suggestions for my costume challenge. My friend has already given me the task of making a Steampunk Harley Quin out of my wardrobe. (Not a comic book fan, so I have to look up some Harley Quin pictures…. any help would be appreciated)


Anyway, onto the make-up look!

So this was not a planned make-up look for my Halloween posts, but I decided to include it because it’s pretty cool. This was brought on by my outfit today ~ which could also be a costume for anyone looking. This one is pretty simple. c:

IMG_3911 IMG_3913

Materials Needed/Used:

  • Primer (Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer)
  • Setting Spray (Hard Candy Setting Spray)
  • Black Eyeshadow (Sugarpill “Bulletproof)
  • Red Eyeshadow (Random Avon one I had – thrifted)
  • Black Eyeliner (Revlon one… uh I don’t know)
  • Mascara (Wet N Wild Mega Protein & Miss Manga)
  • Black Lipstick (Jeffree Star’s “Weirdo)
  • Brushes (duh)


1). Smear primer all over eyes. 

2). Not going to explain the black part. I used the same technique as Drac Maken’s video (below), except I used all eyeshadow instead. I then just added black eyeliner as I usually would, just to darken the part closest to my lashes and straighten out any smudge-y lines.

3). For the red part, I would have liked to have different shades of red to make this look better, but I didn’t. So I just used the one red I had and started making blood drips and runs. I lined half of the bottom of my eye and just continued to make varying sizes of blood drips. I used an angled brush.

4). I made a few blood drips/runs from the corners of my mouth with a cotton swap, then put on the lipstick.

5). Mascara. First my mega protein then the Miss Manga to make my lashes extra long.


That’s it. Obviously use setting spray if you’d like to make it last longer. I do not have any close-ups this time. I had taken those pictures before leaving and my make-up goes to shit after a long day. ^u^ Hope y’all can see it well from the other picture.

The Halloween month is upon us! I cannot wait to get things photographed and posted. This is going to be fun! ^u^ Are any of you guys doing anything special for this month? Let me know below! Bye guys!


~Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Psychotic Doll Make-up

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Oh I like this look, and in case of doing it again, I am disgusting like this and add a bit of super red lip-product to add another red and not-completely-dry-yet look…

    Liked by 1 person

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