Make-Up: Frankie Stein

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I am very much behind and very much lazy. x.x Sorry. Anyway, an onslaught of posts may happen, since I finally was able to 1) get off my lazy bum, and 2) get my pictures transferred to my computer. I did have a video (me rambling on while walking through my woods and showing y’all the gloriousness of it) but I deleted it and am just going to do some shit over again. But, onto the post!

frankie makeup

These are photos from quite a bit ago when I first tried this, so sorry about the shit ligthing. I just can’t get the fake lashes right again ~ it sucks. But I have tried to take a good picture of the colors needed on the eye, on my hand.

IMG_3719IMG_3718 IMG_3716 IMG_3715IMG_3982

Materials Needed/Used::

  • Primer (Hard Candy Primer)
  • Slightly Dark Lavender Eyeshadow (All purples are random Hard Candy/L.A.Colors)
  • Dark Purple Eyeshadow
  • Pinky-Purple eyeshadow
  • Black Eyeshadow (Sugarpill “Bulletproof”)
  • Red Lipstick (Cheap-y one from dollar store)
  • Black Eyeliner (Wet N Wild Coloricon)
  • Mascara (Wet N Wild Mega Protein)
  • Setting Spray (Hard Candy Setting Spray)
  • Brushes (duh..)


  1. Primer!
  2. Cover the lid, up to the crease, in the Lavender shade eyesadow. Put a little on the bottom outer corner of the eye.
  3. I used the dark pruple eyeshadow just in the crease, to sort of outline it.
  4. I put the pinky-purple from the crease to my eyebrows.
  5. Next, I take the black eyeshaodw and do a light outline of my fake lashes. Or, you could jsut use fake lashes (I suck at those things).
  6. I then took a pencil liner and lightly filled in the lashes.
  7. I used the black eyeshadow as a liner and lined underneath my eyes.
  8. I used the pencil liner to line the top of my eyes and my waterline.
  9. I put on a coat of mascara.
  10. Lipstick.
  11. Setting spray!

You coan also add her stitches on her cheek with pencil liner. 

And that is it! It’s pretty easy -except for the lashes- and it’s fun. I have been practicing using fake eyelashes for my asylum doll costume…. and I fucking suck…. but I don’t want to have to draw those damn things on again. It’s takes waay too long…. I’m hoping I can get just the slightest grasp on it, just for my costume. Hopefully.


Anyway, I hope you guys are having a fun Halloween so far. c: (My Halloween starts Oct. 1… it’s not even called October anymore, it’s just Halloween) I also hope all of your costumes are coming along well! I am loving mine. The only difficulty being that my perfect costume idea does not involve shoes, but with my luck it’ll be cold and wet on trick-or-treat night (and the costume contest night), so I shall have to wear my dollie shoes. It’s not a huge deal, but I’d rather be safe than risk my feet for a costume. c:

Well, that is all. Let me kow any thoughts below! I will try to get my behind post up within a decent amount of time…. Anyway, bye guys!


~Samm Sanity


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