Tiffany Costume

Currently Listening To: “Living Dead Girl” -Rob Zombie


That song is the only reason I watched the whole movie (which I did inevitably enjoy and also Seed of Chuckie) I never have seen any of the first movies… too chicken. It played in the beginning of the movie and I got suckered in. I hate puppets and creepy dolls. They’re pretty to look at, but they give me the fucking creeps >< Nooope, they can all stay far away.

Anyway, here is my costume for that! I currently do not have a cropped jacket (though I wish I did), but I do have a vest, so that shall have to do! I am also happy to be on solid, combat boot clad, ground. Haha. I was going to do that dreaded center part, but it doesn’t work when half your hair is still fairly short. It just looks sillier than usual (you will see in later post).

IMG_3948IMG_3951 IMG_3959 IMG_3958 IMG_3953 IMG_3949 IMG_3952 IMG_3956

As always, bloops:: 

IMG_3950 IMG_3954 IMG_3955 IMG_3957

I had kittens crawling up my dress. >< Gaah, they loved playing in it too much.


Dress: Thrifted

Vest: Thrifted

Boots: Thrifted

Fishnet Knee-Highs: Walmart

Choker: I made.


I had fun with this.  I love Tiffany’s make-up and I wish I had time to do it everyday. I would embellish it with bats ~ I love drawing bats on my face with eyeliner, haha. 

My friend requested that I do a Steampunk Harley Quin and I have almost gotten an outfit down. I still need make-up, so I have been researching that. That will probably be the next costume up next. Last is definitely my asylum escapee doll. So keep an eye out for that. ^u^ I’m excited to see everyone else’s costumes. 

Anyway, that’s it for now. Tomorrow is my little sister’s birthday (Sour Sixteen…), so I may not get the make-up post out. I was planning to post it tomorrow, then rememebred what day it was xD Haha, hope you guys have a great wek! Byee. c:


~Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Tiffany Costume

  1. 3llepalmer says:

    That dress is absolutely stunning 😍 I love Tiffany (and Chucky of course!) and you did a great job with the costume and the make-up! x

    Liked by 1 person

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