Tiffany Make-up

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Birthday, birthweek. Hehe. Yeah, I know I’m late. I will try to get everything up in the next few days. I have two Scene girl costumes, Steampunk Harley Quin, and my broken doll. The broken doll will be up 29-31 because the make-up takes forever and it takes a lot of make-up, so I don’t want to waste it. I’m going to a costume parade/contest on the 29th and trick-or-treating is the 30th, so I will get pictures either of those days with my full costume and make-up. I just need to get one Scene girl costume and the Harley Quin one photographed and then I’m done. I’ve also decided to do one big blog post at the end with all the bloops, because it’ll just be easier for me (plus the first Scene girl costume I had a ton…). So yeah. Kind of glad I only got one costume request for my challenge xD Haha, I really need to pre-write these posts….


Anyway, onto the make-up!!! (Never type “Tiffany doll make-up” into fucking search engines. Fucking scarred for life… I never knew there was some sort of porn star/thing relating to that. O.O I’ve saved your eyes and soul.)

I have some old photos of the make-up that I will put as well as the new ones. c:

IMG_3944 IMG_3946 IMG_3945 IMG_3947

(The center-part horror!) 


Items Needed/Used::

  • Primer (Hard Candy)
  • Setting Spray (Hard Candy)
  • Black Eyeshadow (Sugarpill “Bulletproof”)
  • Red Eyeshadow (Thrifted Avon one)
  • Black Eyeliner (Wet N Wild Coloricon pencil liner & L.A.Colors black liquid liner)
  • Mascara  (Wet N Wild Mega Protein)
  • Black Lipstick (Jeffree Star “Weirdo”)
  • Brushes (duh..)


  1. Smear the primer all over the eyes.
  2. I did the red part first. Put red eyeshadow from the crease, to just below your eyebrows.
  3. Use black eyeshadow all over your lid and blend into the red in the crease. Bring black eyeshadow under your eyes as well.
  4. I used liquid eyeliner on my top lid and pencil liner on my waterline.
  5. Mascara!
  6. Black Lipstick!
  7. Don’t forget the beauty mark above your lip. I used a black pencil liner for this.

And use setting spray if you desire. c;


It’s pretty simple. I would love to wear Tiff’s make-up everyday if I could. c: I would accent it with bats (because I like drawing bats on my face with liner xD), but otherwise I’d totally rock it if I had the time daily.

Some pictures from earlier in the year..

(Inserting from Facebook ~ I can’t adjust the size)


So that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed! I shall be back with my first Scene girl costume tomorrow (going to go pre-write now) Have a good day and let me know how all your costumes/Halloween stuff is going!

Bye bye!


~Samm Sanity


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  1. […] I did Tiffany’s make-up with my little eyeliner bats, for work. I like how it looks. Nope, I don’t have pictures, too […]


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