Harley Quinn Inspired Make-up

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Was listening to Jeffree Star whilest putting on the make-up. Getting into the moment ;p

Anyway, this one was fun, especially the eyeshadow part (I like how I look with shadow up to my eyebrows….) Guess who also found red eyeshadow? Haha, I still would like to get my hands on some Sugarpill red shadow (Asylum preferably), but this shall hold me over for now.

IMG_4076 IMG_4075


IMG_4086Items Needed/Used::

  • Primer (Hard Candy)
  • Setting Spray (Hard Candy)
  • Red Eyeshadow (Wet N Wild “Hemporary Solutions” Palette)
  • Black Eyeshadow (Wet n Wild “Panther” + Sugarpill “Bulletproof)
  • Black Eyeliner (Rimmel London liquid + Wet N Wild Coloricon pencil)
  • Mascara (Wet N Wild Mega Protein + Miss Manga Punk)
  • Red or Black Lipstick (I used a cheapy black one)
  • Brushes (duh..)


  1. Primer. ^-^
  2. Use red eyeshadow on one eye, blended all the way up to the eyebrow (this eyeshadow blends super smoothly). Use same red eyeshadow to draw half a diamond shape under the opposite eye. ~I fucked this up bad. My half diamond came out a little wonky.
  3. Use black eyeshadow on other eye, and blend up to eyebrow. Use shadow on the bottom of the opposite eye like eyeliner.
  4. Because I am very terrible at drawing things on my face with shadow, I used liquid eyeliner to draw two black diamonds under the eye that doesn’t have the half diamond.  More could be added, but I was already having difficulty with drawing two ~ I knew I’d fuck it up if I tried to do any more xD
  5. I used a black pencil liner on my waterline of the same eye as the black diamonds.
  6. Mascara! I used my Mega protein one then the Miss Manga Punk, so that my eyelashes would look a bit pointed and diamond shaped. It didn’t really work out, but whatever.
  7. I really couldn’t decide which color lipstick to do with this or even a combination of both. I ended up using black. But it could really go any way.


Use setting spray if you want, and you’re done! I like how the eyeshadow looks up to my brow, I need to do this more often xD What do you guys think? 

Last costume/make-up is my broken doll. Then I shall be done. c: This has been fun! I hope you guys have enjoyed this whole thing ^.^ Let me know which has been your favorite (including doll once it’s up). I shall have another post soon, bye!!


~Samm Sanity


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