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It may be well into November before I get any sort of broken doll post up. I just have not had the energy or effort to put into posts. I still get on here and read all you guys posts, I’m just too goddamn lazy to do my own.

So this is just a bunch of little things that I can’t really make whole posts about. One of my ambling kind of posts.

So, I’ve been very inspired by TheGothicAlice and Ofherbsandalters (youtube). They are both such lovely girls. I’ve been painting my own patches lately and fucking around with my one pair of ripped up skinny jeans. It started out with my cutting a hole too big and patching it up with a piece of fabric that I painted a bone onto. I have already done a Mannequin Factory patch (Porcelain Black song) and a Jack Off Jill patch. Going to work on a Bauhaus, Blood on the Dance Floor, SGTC, and a Black Veil Brides logo patch soon. Most of them are going to be on the back of the pants because the front is pretty cut up and I don’t want them to far down the pants becasue the next thing I have to say. 
I have decided with my tax returns next year, I shall be investing in a good pair of combat boots. I’ve been researching quite a bit and have been going through tons of videos and shopping sites and have a couple of Demonias in mind. I know exactly how i want them to look nad I found a couple that are damn near close to what my little fourteen year old self wanted (and drew often on characters). The few I am deciding between are:: Demonia 108, Demonia Trashville 518, and Demonia Swing 815. One of those is what I want almost exactly (I’ve resolved that I may never find a pair that actually reaches up to my knee caps xD) On the back burner, just in case I cannot find any of those or something, I have:: Demonia Swing 220 and Demonia Trashville 502. Any information of any kind; such as how well the boots hold up (I’ve found many differing opinions) or if any of you guys have any preferances or suggestions, it would be very welcomed. c:
I haven’t seen a post lately from Sissy. I hope she is well.

I have been on a choker making spree. I have made several new ones (some are for the selling boxes) and I have been obsessed with the one I made. I have also been obsessed with this one ribbed ribbon I found. I luckily got some from the Halloween section for 50% off. Very happy. I am enjoying working with it; it’s very Gothic-y looking to me nad completes the chokers perfectly. *u* I may need to make a post to show them.

I’m quite excited for Christmas. I have many ideas and present ideas already in mind. I do enjoy giving presents to people so much. ~Especially the little sister~ My Christmas tree is also all done and looking super spiffy c: All the ornaments fit on it except for one eyeball. I still need a topper ~ maybe one day I’ll find the perfect one! 

My pixie skirt is pretty much done. I just need to finish making the detachable belt thing (you can find my inspiration on my pinterest board here). It’s a slow process. I’ve worn the skirt out once with my pixie/faeie looking tights and I love it. For now I’m holding it together with safety pins until I can get some more black fabric for a channel for some elastic.

Today I did Tiffany’s make-up with my little eyeliner bats, for work. I like how it looks. Nope, I don’t have pictures, too tired and lazy.

Umm, what else?  I don’t really know. I really need to clean my desk and DIY area. Everything is just spread across my desk and coffin table xD I don’t really have anywhere to put anything because my file cabinet is full and I still need to invest in a drawer cabinet to sit ont top of my coffin table for the rest of my DIY stuff.  It’s jsut a mess. I have a very small parameter to work in and I have to move my computer off the desk to use the maximum of the space I have xD *sigh*

Anyway, what have you guys been up to? I’ve been lazy and post-Halloween depressed xD Haha. Anyone else? Hell, it’s Halloween year-round in my bedroom.

Bye guys. I can’t promise to post soon anymore ~ I suck so bad a keeping those promises ;n; So see you whenever I nexxt post. :3

~Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Mini Thoughts

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    I’d vote for the Demonia Swing 815 XD (I love them but my tights are simply too wide so the mirror things would look out of place…) I have had quite a few Demonia Boots & Shoes and the one that survived the small amount of wearing-days were a pair of winter boots that still got used 150days and up with the worst wet weather and salty streets)

    You seem to have some busy schedule so I would not call you lazy at all! I’ve been trying to get more into youtube & videos but it seems I need to get a bit of lightning & other equipment before it will turn out… Oh and finally got my ass to the post office on monday, sent all my halloweeny parcels out. Sadly I did not find anything with a ‘made for s. sanity’ sign on them but still, some tiny extra has been added and i hope you will like it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      Than you! I’ve heard many differing opinions on the quality of them. I’ve been leaning toward the Swing 815, but who knows what may happen. Plus, my favorite pair that I’ve had from the thrift store for a long while are falling apart ;n; May I ask about sizing? Is it true to size or bigger/smaller? I’m a size 8, but sometimes the sizing is off ><
      I just feel like I haven't done much lately except sleep. xD The only noticable thing being done are the mass amounts of chokers I've been piling up. I had to tear apart a few old bras because I ran out of hooks & eyes! So many ideas, not enough clasps and things.
      I hope your video endeavors go well! I really enjoy listening to and watching them ^u^
      Good to hear no other problems arose with postal things. ^.^ I don't quite know anything about overseas mailing. I'm sure I will enjoy it greatly!


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