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I’ve been making a lot of chokers lately and having so much fun with this new ribbed ribbon I found. So I thought I’d show you guys what’s been going on.

I have a few for my sale boxes::


The spider one is not done yet. The cross one was thought up because I found this scrap of lace that looked like a collar. I sewed the lace to the ribbed ribbon and then added the coffin earring in the middle. It looks really cool on. I just found a tiny velvet bow and I may add that to the middle as well.


As for my own chokers:::


Haha, yes they are really decked out, and mostly made of scraps I had leftover of lace trim. The top one is the most recent. I found this stripey ribbon when I bought the ribbed ribbon and decided to get it. I love how it looks with the frilly ribbon and the straight lace. Because I really don’t like simple chokers, I added the other coffin earring to the middle~ I love it.

The middle one was the first choker that started all this xD I had found this ribbed ribbon tied onto the packaging of some earrings (which made me go out and buy some for more chokers) and thought it would look nice on a choker. So I sewed it to some straight lace and added a charm I made. The charm is made from a little clay plate-like base. I painted stripes onto it and added a glitter bat sticker. It came out beautifully. This one is competing with my dragonfly choker for my most favorite xD

The last one is super fancy. Ironically, the first time I wore this was with a t-shirt and jeans xD But anyway, I sewed the ribbed ribbon onto the frilly ribbon. I had found this scrap of softer lace that was a little bit longer than my neck, so I bunched it up and sewed it behind the frilly ribbon. I already knew I wanted to use that moon/bat earring on the choker, so I put that on it. I absolutely love the elegance of this one. It makes me feel super fancy!


As for the process. I usually get ideas from looking at all the supplies I have lying around. I start by laying out the items I think I want to use in the choker. 


I put it together on my desk before I sew or do anything, to make sure I’ll like the finished product. If I’m happy with it, I’ll start sewing it. 


So that’s about it. I used to look on Pinterest for choker ideas, but all of them are either super bland or aren’t something I can really do. I have resolved to just stare into my supply drawer for an hour xD More ideas happen that way. Also, my craft store is having a huge ribbon/trim sale, so I’m going to go stock up on stuff while I can! >:D

Because I’ve been doing so much lately (and because I’m getting more trims and ribbon tomorrow ^^”) I thought of doing a fun little giveaway maybe of one or two of my chokers. I don’t know. If anyone is interested, leave your thoughts below! It would either be almost entirely customizable, or a pick of pre-made ones. But more likely custom, because I’d rather the choker fit to you guys’ necks than just make it adjustable. But who knows. 

I have been so inspired lately and even I cannot wear all these myself! Haha. let me know your thoughts below! Which of these is your favorite so far?

I shall post again sometime xD Bye guys!


~Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Chokers!

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Amazing to see what youre creating all the time 😀 Definitely talented! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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